How to Use Armitage? Armitage Tutorial To Perform Armitage Hack

What is Armitage?

This is Graphical User Interface tool which makes hacking more easier. It shows the whole list of targets and also performs different kinds of attacks. If you read my previous post on mobile and computer hacking, there I used Command Line Interface Mode But this tool is a graphical user interface tool to test different hacks.

Once Armitage finds any vulnerability on target system then it will automatically hack that system. With the help of Graphical User Interface, it becomes so easy to hack any system. This tool performs different types of attacks if your system is vulnerable to any of these attacks. You can fix that vulnerability.

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This tool is developed by Raphael Mudge which is released in November 2013. Its main motive is to teach hacking more accurately to security experts and also shows the strength of Metasploit. This tool is by default present on the Kali Linux.

Let’s Start Hacking 😛

Open Your Armitage tool which is present on the right side menu and you can also start this too via typing Armitage on your terminal. Now, this tool asks for configuring any setting.

Make sure you start your postgresql server by typing service postgresql start

Don’t do any changes click on Connect. after clicking on Connect Click on Yes. Now, this will start opening your Armitage tool.

configuring armitage

connect to metasploit

This is the interface of Armitage tool. On the Left Side, There is so many payloads are present which you can use. It’s a very huge list of payloads. You can try every payload one by one.

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armitage interface

Now, you have to scan your Network for different devices which are connected to your network. To scan a network, Just go to Host => Nmap Scan => Quick Scan With OS detection.

Now, type your Network Range to scan. For ex:- My range is Here, /24 is used because We use Class C IP address and In class C IP address Network bit is present 3 times. Each bit is size is 8. So, the total of Network bit is 24. That’s why I type here /24.

scan network

Now, I completed my scan and Armitage scan 4 system here. First is Router and other three are Mobile Phones. I will hack IP device.

scan complete

Now, you have to make a msfvenom and also send this venom to the victim’s device. Once you make the payload setup your Armitage tool to perform the attack. Go To Exploit => Payloads => Android => meterpreter/reverse_tcp  When you click on meterpreter/reverse_tcp it will ask for the local IP and port. Insert your IP address and port here and click on Launch.

configuring setup

Now, you are ready to perform the hack. Just send your payload to your victim. Once the victim clicks on your payload then you got your meterpreter session here. You can see here all the commands which you type on Metasploit. Here, these all commands are automatically typed.

all settings are done

Once you got the meterpreter session the device seems that it is trapped by someone. You can see here I got the meterpreter session here.

device hack

Right Click on the hack device. you can see there so many options are available which you can use. You can download and upload any files from your system.

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Armitage is a very good tool for beginners. This helps you a lot. Armitage makes the learning of Metasploit is so easier and less painful. I will upload it second part soon… If you found any query regarding this article comment below. I will definitely answer you.


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