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Hello Friends! You are most welcome in my latest post. This is not a tech post in this post I’m going to discuss Cambridge Analytica. In this post, I will tell you about all the news which is based on the Facebook Data Hacking and How it relation with Political Parties. So, Friends, It’s a topic of losing the personal data of Facebook Users. By using this data Donald Trump wins the 2016 elections.

Cambridge Analytica

In the real-time, it is known that data is the biggest power and currency also. We all are using Facebook services in free of cost. We always type something on the Facebook status and wherever we go we send our reallocation over Facebook status like #Travelling to Mumbai Airport. These all the data is used by Facebook. They use this data to make psychological data of yourself by using some AI. They know everything about your likes dislikes and How you are feeling. This information is available to the Facebook and they use this information to showing you the relevant ads nothing else.

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People file a case that this data is used by the wrong method. We all know about the election for Prime Minister in 2016 in the U.S. In this election, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. So, the blame is that Triumph uses this data to do brainwash of 5 Crores peoples of U.S.

There is a company known as Cambridge Analytica – it’s an Private Organization which is also known as British Data Farm. It has more than two owners one of them is Robert Marsher. He was also given a donation to the Republic Parties. There are two Alleges on the Cambridge Analytica Company

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Two Alleges on Cambridge Analytica Company

First, In the Election of 2016 Triumph influences voters psychology. He do brainwash all the peoples of U.S and then he shows their campaigns to the targetted audience.

Second, Same above procedure is used by Bragjit in Britain.

Disclosing About Cambridge Analytica Company


Christopher Wylie


Christopher Wylie – He’s an x worker at Cambridge Analytica Company and He discloses all these data leaks information. By which Facebook is suffering from a very big problem. He tells that the company takes 5 crore U.S peoples data and then they do data wash and redesign this data to know about the people’s mentality. By this process, they show Donald Triumph campaign ads to 5 Crore peoples to affect them.

Due to Brain Wash, Cambridge Analytica knows about all the user’s information like which type of ads is shown to which peoples to affect their mentality on Triumph. By this Triumph knows every information about the peoples like in which location how many peoples are their supporters and who are not supporting Triumph and why. So, this is the plus point for Triumph to win the 2016 election. On the basis of these, all the information they do rallies and they also know that how many peoples are influenced by her speech.

How Cambridge Analytica Company gets the data of 5 Crore Peoples from Facebook

They use so many tactics to retrieve the people’s data. One of them is beneficial for them to get peoples data. In our Facebook, there is lots of apps is present which ask for accessing our basic info

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request information to access their data


and in most of the cases, peoples click on yes, you can access it without reading this message. After clicking on yes they can access your basic info. So, Facebook Privacy Policy they clearly type that they give very basic info like name, email, d.o.b to these apps. If Facebook provides limited information to these apps then

How Cambridge Analytica Company gets the major data?


Dr Aleksandr Kogan


According to America Media, Cambridge Analytica contacts Dr. Aleksandr Kogan who is the professor of psychology at Cambridge University. The company gives him a project to design an app which can retrieve the data of the Facebook users. and Company gives him 8 Lacs $ for making this app. He made this app and gives the name ‘This is Your Digital Life’ This app is made for use on the Facebook platform.

This app is downloaded by 2Lac 70 thousand peoples. They steal so many information by using this app and they also get their connected friends information also. They also get data by completing the survey and giving some amount of money to the users. Now, peoples give the survey for earning some money. and by this, they lose their information. This is not legal on Facebook.

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After getting these all data they start making a psychological profile of every people about their like dislike and what they think. These all are done by using some software or AI also. According to the people’s mentality, Cambridge Company shows the relevant ads to that user. In this ads there is Fund Raising, Job Opportunities ads are also present.

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What Facebook Says to all these Controversies and Cases

Mark Says that he doesn’t know about this anything that Users data is leaked by an app. They also said that the app ‘This is Your Digital Life’ is deleted by them after some time. Because it collects more information about the users. He also says that he ban both of these companies on Facebook Platform. Facebook says peoples gives these data accessing permission by themselves.

So, here Facebook is not responsible for all of these data leak. Mark says this statement for first 6 days. But after starting the #deletefacebook Campaign. Mark says that ‘Protection of our Users data is our responsibility and we felt guilty for unreliability on our Users trust. We also do some mistakes. They start some big decisions on maintaining the user’s privacy and data safe. He also says Sorry to peoples’

So, Friends, this is the whole scene of the controversy of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. If you have any doubts and if you want to ask us something then comment us below. We will definitely reply you.



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