history of linux

History Of Linux | Founder Of Linux | Brief Biography

Founder Of Linux Linus Torvalds is the world’s famous programmer. He is the founder of Linux and Finn student. He is really the great honorable person in the history of the computer industry.... Read more »
metasploit tutorial

Metasploit Tutorial For Beginners (Part-1)

Basic Metasploit Tutorial  In this Metasploit tutorial series, I’ll tell you all the about Metasploit from basic to advance. So, I request you to take the advantage as much as you can... Read more »

TRAPE | Track Anyone Over WAN Using Trape 2

Perform Trape Over WAN Hello Friends! I’m back with the second part of the last post on TRAPE | Track Anyone On The Internet. In this post, I’m going to track anybody on... Read more »

TRAPE | Track Anyone On The Internet Using Trape

TRAPE | People’s Online Tracker Hello, Hackers! I’m back with a very interesting post on Trape. This post is going to be very informative and full of enjoyment because I’m going to... Read more »
what is kali linux

Kali Linux – Best Penetration Testing Operating System

  If you guys know about hacking then for sure you also know about Kali Linux. Do you remember that I already wrote many posts on Kali Linux? But I never tell you... Read more »