opening xerosploit

Play Within Your Local Area Network With XEROSPLOIT

  Xerosploit is a penetration testing tool which is used to do so many tasks like MITM(Man In The Middle Attack), Network mapping, Port Scanning, HTML Code Injection, Java Code Injection, Sniffing,... Read more »
how to use droidjack

How To Hack Cell Phones | Easiest Method To Hack

Today’s topic is Hacking of a Smart Phone/Android Phone in a Graphical User Interface Mode. Well, I also made a tutorial on this earlier but this time it’s different. If you don’t... Read more »

How to use NoDistribute and VirusTotal

Hello Friends! In this tutorial, we discuss Nodistribute and virustotal website. Apart from practical sessions, we must have theoretical knowledge also. So, If you don’t know about these two websites then you... Read more »
how to hack computers for beginners

Hack a Windows Computer By Using a Simple Payload

How To Hack Computers For Beginners Hello Friends! Today we learn “how to hack computers for beginners”.Before reading this blog, read my previous blog in which I show you How To Hack... Read more »
how to hack mobile phone using kali linux

How To Hack Mobile Phone Using Kali Linux

Short Summary In this post I’m going to show you how to hack mobile phone using Kali Linux. We can spy anybody mobile when there is a software/script is present to spy... Read more »