Top 11 Common Linux Commands Which Help You a Lot

common linux commands

Common Linux Commands

Hello Friends! Today We are going to talk about common Linux commands. I have used these commands in my previous tutorials. But in this tutorial, I will tell you the meaning of these common commands. I will upload a practical video of this on YouTube and will share the link to the video soon. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin with the session:

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I’ve listed here some Common Linux Commands list:

cd (Change Directory) – If you want to get into another folder, then this command is used like cd /Desktop is used to get into the Desktop Folder.

ls (List Directory Content) – This command lists all the directories which are present in a particular folder.

pwd (Present Working Directory) – This command displays the folder in which you are working presently.

mkdir (Make Directory) – This command is used to create a new directory in the system.

rmdir (Remove Directory) – This command is used to remove a particular directory.

clear – This command is used to clear the page like if you use clear command in your terminal then the terminal page will clear.

locate – It’s meaning is clear from its name to find any file. If you type locate ‘file name’ then it will show all the locations where this file name directory is present.

man – This command is used to opening a manual page of a particular command.

rm (Remove Directories) – This command is used to remove a particular file/directory

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w (Who) – This command is used to see who is logged on and what they are using on the system.

top (Linux Task Manager) – This command will open the Linux Task Manager.

Let’s see the Practical Session : )

Firstly, we are going to use cd command to come on the Desktop. I type cd Desktop/ to go to the Desktop.

some common linux commands

Now, we are creating a Folder name hacking blogs. By typing mkdir HackingBlogs Our new folder is created on the Desktop.

making of new directory

After Creating this folder we will jump into this folder by typing cd HackingBlogs/  Here We again create some more folder like Hacking Bogs Gaurav Chandel. So, for creating multiple folders at the same time we type mkdir Hacking Blogs Gaurav Chandel and hit Enter. This will automatically create new directories of all these names which I give on the command.

shown folders are created by using commands

You can see here multiple folders are created by using a single command. Now type cd .. to come outside that folder. After coming outside type again cd HackingBlogs/ to go inside this folder then type ls to see all the folders which are present there.

shown some commands

You can see all the folders are shown here which I create. Now type pwd to see in which location you are present.

present working directory command

Type clear to clean your terminal page.

clear whole terminal

After executing this command my terminal clean instantly. next, we have located command. Just type locate ‘folder name’. Suppose I type here locate Hacking then this will show all the locations at where the Hacking folder is present.

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finding the location

Now type rmdir Hacking then your Hacking folder is deleted from HackingBlogs folder. You can confirm it by typing ls to see which directories are present in this folder.

removing a directory

So, Now it’s turned for man command to see the manual page. type man locate to see the locate command manual page.

manual page for locate command

Two commands are remaining which are w and top. Type both commands one by one to see the functioning of both commands.

shown active users

linux task manager

I hope you like this Basic tutorial. If you like this tutorial then do comment below.


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