How to crack Linux, Windows, Brute force Attack By Using JohnTheRipper Tool


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Hello Friends! Today In this tutorial I’m going to show you that How can you crack Linux User password, Zip, Rar, Windows User Password etc. by using a simple tool known as JohnTheRipper tool. This tool is very useful for cracking any type of password and by this you can crack MD5 Hashes also.

Cracking of password is depends on your computer processor, RAM etc. It’s very interesting feature is that it can autodetect the format of the password hashes and decrypt password. It can decrypt the password by auto detecting the format of the encryption which is used in the password.

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Crack Password Using JohnTheRipper Tool

Firstly, we are going to install John the ripper tool in your Kali by typing sudo apt-get install john in your terminal and if you are using another platform like windows then you can download it via clicking here. After installing it just type john and then this tool will open like this.

Now, we are going to crack our Linux password. Firstly, you have to understand that where Linux save its users password? Linux saves its users password inside the shadow file which is present in the root/etc/shadowFor cracking Linux user password just type john /etc/shadow then it will start cracking the password and this is depending on your password difficulty.


Now, I’m going to show you how to crack windows User password by using a johntheripper tool. So, Friends windows has saved it’s users password in SAM folder and you will found it C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM. It’s a Windows file so you can’t copy it directly. But by using command prompt you can access it and take this file in your Kali Linux. So, just open your command prompt and type cd\ & then type cd\Users\gaurav\Desktop\  .

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Now you come to your Desktop. Here, type reg save hklm\SYSTEM SYSTEM. This command will take this system file to your desktop. You can also see here.

After this type reg save hklm\SAM SAM . So, this command will save this SAM file also on your desktop. Now, you can use it for the crack User password.

Just copy both of these files and save it to your Kali Linux. After saving to the desktop Just type samdump2 SYSTEM SAM>windowspassword.txt This command will save this password hashes in a text file and at the end I give the name of the file in which I have to save it. You can give any name to it.

As you can see here I have a text file in which password hashes are saved. So, Now we are going to crack the password of any user just type john –format=LM –user=Administrator windowspassword.txt then it will start cracking the password of Administrator only. In my case, it is not cracking because I don’t have any password.

If you have to crack any password by using wordlist then type john –wordlist=rockyou.txt –user=Administrator windowspassword.txt So, now it will start Brute Forcing Attack on this Administrator password. Firstly, I type john to call John and then I type wordlist it means we need wordlist scan and = means path then wordlist path then I type –user=Administrator. It shows the password is crack only for Administrator. then the text file name.

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