How To Create Hotspot Using Command in Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

How To Create Hotspot Using Command in Windows 10

Hello Friends! Today we are going to create a hotspot using cmd in windows 10. With the help of this, you can connect any device with this hotspot very easily. It’s very useful. when you use the Internet with an Ethernet cable. In that case, you can use only one device for surfing internet. To connect more devices from the internet we use this method to create a windows hotspot and then we connect our other devices to internet very easily.

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Create Hotspot Using Cmd in Windows 10

Firstly, Open your command prompt and type netsh wlan show driver. You can confirm that your computer supports conversion of wi-fi into a hotspot or not. So, you can see here it shows  (Hosted Network Supported: Yes) This means your computer supports this conversion.

check hotspot available in windows

So, If your computer support this then type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=gauravchandel key =hackingblogs.

create hotspot

This command will configure all the settings of your computer hotspot. Here, hosted network means hotspot in which I type allow and then I type ssid means any name which you want to give to your hotspot and then I type key means password of your hotspot. Here, you see the command is successfully configured you all hotspot settings.

Now, the second part is to activate this hotspot, so that anybody will connect to your computer and make use of your hotspot. Simply type netsh wlan start hostednetwork .

starting hotspot

You can see here your hosted network is starting successfully. Now, the main work is to give internet to your hotspot. For this, you have to go to your Network Connections folder. You can go there by typing Network Connections in the address bar present at the top of any folder and then hit enter.

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open network connections

now, you reached into your network connections folder. You see here so many networks are present. and here you see a network name with the star is present at the end of the network name.

open network

This is your hotspot network. So, to give our hotspot internet you must share your computer internet to the hotspot. Just right click on the network from which you takes the internet and here click on properties.

configuring details

Click on sharing tab and click the first option and choose your virtual hotspot network.

selecting network adapter

Now, you can connect any of your devices with your computer’s hotspot. Here, you can see mine in my mobile’s wi-fi connection our hotspot is shown. You can connect with this network by typing the password which you gives above.

hotspot is ready

To Stop your computer’s hotspot simply type netsh wlan stop hostednetwork in your command prompt. It will stop your hotspot.

hotspot is stop

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