How To Hack Cell Phones | Easiest Method To Hack

how to use droidjack

Today’s topic is Hacking of a Smart Phone/Android Phone in a Graphical User Interface Mode. Well, I also made a tutorial on this earlier but this time it’s different. If you don’t watch my earliest tutorial on How to Hack Android Mobile Phone then watch it.

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Today, I’ll tell you the easiest method to hack an Android Phone. I will make a trojan here and send it to the victim’s Mobile Phone. Whenever the trojan runs we get our connection back. I’m talking about a tool which is DroidJack. by which we perform the droidjack hack.

So, What is DroidJack? DroidJack is a tool by which we can spy on victim’s cell phone without typing such commands. Because it has a Graphical User base Interface in which we have to click, click and click and all works will be done.

How to use DroidJack?

Firstly, Just download this tool by clicking here.  After downloading it will ask for the password and the password is also written there below the download option. For run this tool you need to download Java on your computer first by clicking here.

Just open DroidJack file and this file is present in this location. I underline the location so that you will clearly see the location of this file. After opening this file you will see it will ask for the username and password. So, the username is admin and password is also admin

opening droidjack

Now, you can see this type of interface. It’s going quite Interesting😋 Just insert 1337 in the field of port no. and Turn Reception Option On and then click on Generate Apk option.

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configuring settings on droidjack

Boom! You all are doing well guys. Just type the app name here which you want to give and then give file name also like Microsoft, android something which looks genuine. Then give DNS here you have to give your system local IP address. In the field of Port number type 1337.

WAIT!!! Here’s an interesting option also present. If you want to Bind your Apk file to another Apk file then just type that Apk file path here and click on Bind it will bind both files. Otherwise, click on Generate.

making trojan from droidjack

BOOM!!! You created your Apk file here. This spying Microsoft Apk file is present in the same folder where you find this software. Now, just send this file to the victim’s device by doing social engineering. and Install this file on the victim’s Device.

installing trojan

After Successfully Installing application when victim’s click this button option then you will successfully get your victim’s session on your system.

clicking on button

Now, Click Device option in the tool and you can see where you got the victim’s device.

device is in

Just Right Click on the device and then you will see there is a lot of options is present which you can use.

options to perform over hack

For Education Purpose I use Two options here which is Call Manager and App Manager and you can see the results here.

droidjack hack

So, this is the whole scenario of this tool.

How to Safe From These types of Apps?

  • Firstly, Don’t open any link and download any files from that link.
  • Before installing any Apk file just check first, which permissions are taken by that App.
  • Go to your Settings and there you will find an option which is permissions. Just click that option and Remove the unwanted permission of unwanted apps.
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Remeber, Nobody hacks your mobile phone till you not give them permission. So, Be Aware, Be Alert 🙂

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