How to Hack Wi-Fi Using Fluxion Tool Advance Guide on Wi-Fi Hacking

Fluxion hack

Hello Friends! I’m here with my new blogs in which I will teach you about wifi hacking using Fluxion tool. I already uploaded a post on wifi hacking earlier you can read this by clicking here. In that post, I used Dictionary Attack to hack someone wifi and that attack is too boring. There is no guarantee that the wifi password is found or not. But there is another way to hack someone wifi by using another tool called Fluxion.

So, this tool creates a duplicate wifi network which almost looks similar to the victim’s wifi. After creating the duplicate network it will disconnect all the users which are connected to that real network of the victim and then it will automatically connect the users of wifi to our fake point.

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Whenever they will connect they seem to a screen which asks their password to fill then they provide internet. If victim freakout and write the password their then this password will come to us in plain text and we stop the attack and the fake point which is similar to their wifi will disappear.

Let’s Start 🙂

To perform this attack you must have to download this software by clicking here because it does not come pre-installed in Kali Linux. You can also download it by typing git clone 

installing fluxion tool

After downloading just right click on that folder and click on ‘Open in Terminal’ Option This will open this folder on your terminal. To run this tool just type ./ to open this tool. After typing it will look like this

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configuring fluxion

selecting language

This is a very simple tool to run by typing numbers. Here, It asks us for the language we type here 4 and click on ENTER.

select interface

After this, it will ask for the interface which we have to select then type here 1 and hit ENTER.

select channel

Here, it asks four options. We have to type 1 Option and hit ENTER

opening channel

You can see here it shows much wifi which is nearest to me. Here, I’m going to attack my wifi. So, firstly stop this by pressing ctrl+c.

showing essid of router

I type 2 here because my wifi name is blank and I’m going to attack my wifi password.

selecting essid of router

Type 1 here to create a fake access point for the victim.

select network adapter

Then type 2 to choose your wlan0 network device

disconnecting adapters

Now, here I type 1 because this option will disconnect all the devices which are connected to that wifi.

selecting wifi adapter

In this option, I type 1 because her we don’t do aircrack-ng tool attack. We crack it via pyrit verification.

creating ssl certificate

It asks me the SSL certificate. I will make tutorials on SSL also. So, we type here 1 because we don’t have any SSL certificate.

start fluxion hack

Finally, all the steps are completed and we successfully make our fake access point for a victim. Now, this tool will disconnect the devices from the Wifi and automatically connect to our fake point which is similar to their wifi. Whenever any of the devices which are connected to that router enters the password then we catch it.

mobile password entering on fake access point

So, here I automatically connected to my fake wifi which almost looks similar to my wifi and when I enter the password to here. Then it will stop disconnect the devices and their router works properly.

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got password

See here’s the password which I entered into my mobile phone. This is the advanced way to hack someone Wifi.

Enjoy it Hackers Good Bye 🙂

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Hi I cant install 64bit linux in my VM and VBox
It showing 32bit OS Supported How can i fix That???
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is this hack is working on wpa/psk2