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How to Use FScoiety Tool


Hello Friends! Today we are going to talk about fsociety tool. If you watch Mr. Robot series then you definitely know about fsociety. Mr. Robot is a very famous USA T.V series which is based upon real hacking. There are so many movies in which you see hacking techniques but these all are fiction.

But the techniques used in this series is so nearest to the real Hacking. There is a group of Hacker in Mr. Robot whose name is fsociety. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about fsociety tool. It is a Penetration Testing Framework and This tool is a collection of all tools which is used in Mr. Robot Hacking series. This tool is so good for beginners because it has so many techniques like

How to Use Fsociety Tool?

Information Gathering, Passwords Attack, Wireless Testing, Exploitation Tools, Sniffing & Spoofing, Web Hacking, Private Web Hacking, Post Exploitation, Contributors, Install & Updates. So, follow me, friends, I will tell you all How you can use this tool. First of all, you have to download this tool by clicking here & You can download it by typing

  • git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety

in your terminal.

install fsociety

After downloading this tool type ls to see all the directories of this tool and then type chmod +x install.sh to give the executive permission to this installation script.

hanging fsociety permission

Now type ./install.sh to run installation script.

installing fsociety


You can see here my fsociety tool is successfully installed. Now you can use this tool. But Friends Linux is an Operating System in which every user can face different problems. If you have any problem then comment below I will definitely answer it & you can ask your problem by opening a new issue in Github page of that tool. Now, you can use this tool by typing fsociety and then you have to accept it’s Terms and Condition by typing y.

fsociety opening

After configuring all the settings correctly. You can see the fsociety interface is open. Just type the number of which module you want to open. For ex. I type 1 here to see the Information Gathering Module.

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information gathering

You can see here many different attacks which you can perform on your target. Now I’m choosing 2 option for Social Engineering Attack. After pressing Enter you can see here your SET toolkit will open and you can perform any attack of that.

fsociety information gathering


Now, I use here the 2nd option for Password Attacks. It has 2 Tools by which you can perform these attacks cupp and brutes. So, I already made a tutorial on cupp tool you can read that tutorial by clicking here.

fsociety password attack

fsociety password attack

Hope you like this tutorial and In my upcoming tutorials, I will tell you about some advance tools also. If you have any doubts then comment it down below. I will definitely reply you.


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