Has My Email Been Hacked? Check Email Address?

Ha My Email Been Hacked

Hello Friends! I’m back with a new awesome tutorial in which I’ll tell you about a very interesting topic ‘Has My Email Been Hacked’. So, I’ll tell you two methods by which you can check hat your email address has been hacked or not.

1.) By using haveibeenpwned.com

This is a website which tells you that your email has been hacked or not in any data breaches. This is a very good website which generates results after checking public leaks. It has a 60 thousand unique visitors a day. This website contains 4.8 billion accounts over 251 data breaches.

This is a very helpful website to check your email status. HAS MY EMAIL BEEN HACKED? If here, it shows that your email was compromised before, then simply change your password.

Simply, you have to place your email address there and the website will show you the result.

has my email been hacked

2.) Cr3d0v3r Tool

In the second method, I am going to use a tool Cr3d0v3r. You can download this tool from GitHub by Clicking Here. and you can simply clone this tool by typing this 👇👇 command in your terminal.

git clone https://github.com/D4Vinci/Cr3dOv3r.git

install cr3d0v3r

This is a very nice tool which generates true results. It also shows the results of haveibeenpwned.com website.
If your email has been hacked then it starts checking 7 different websites that on which website your account is working with your leak/old password.

If your email address was compromised before then simply, check on which website your account is working with your old/leak password. After the collection of all information, simply change the password from that particular website in which your email address has worked with your leak/old password.

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After successfully installation type,
apt-get install python

to install python. If you have already installed python then skip this step.

install python

You have to type:
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

to install requirements.txt file

install cr3d0v3r tool

I have already installed requirements.txt file on my Kali. That’s why It shows requirements satisfied.

Now, type

python Cr3d0v3r.py -h

to see the help page of this tool

cr3d0v3r help page

To check that your email address is compromised or not. type the following command
python Cr3d0v3r.py ‘***@gmail.com’

has my email been hacked

To check on which website your old/leak password works type your password after typing this above command.

check email

You can see here my old password is valid in my Gmail account. So, I’ll change this password. This will show you true results.

If you like this tutorial then share it with your friends to check if their email address has been compromised before or not.
Good Luck 🙂


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