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history of linux

Founder Of Linux

Linus Torvalds is the world’s famous programmer. He is the founder of Linux and Finn student. He is really the great honorable person in the history of the computer industry.

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History Of Linux

History of Linux is too interesting. So, read this full post to learn the full history of Linux.

Linus Torvalds

Linux Benedict Torvalds was born at Helsinki, capital of Finland on December 28, 1969. Linux family belongs to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. This minority had 3,00,000 in a total population of approx. 6 million.

He had many journalists in his family. Her father and mother name is Nils and Anna Torvalds. Her father was a radio journalist and the mother worked for the Finnish newspaper for the translating and providing the great graphics for news.

Everything was working fine. But one day her parents were divorced when he was young. He lived with his mother and grandparents. He started reading from an early age because his family background was similar to this.

Linus Grandfather name was Leo Toerngvist, a professor of statistics at the University of Helsinki. In the mid-1970s, he brought first Commodore Vic 20 computer for Linus Benedict. Within a few years, he bored with the few programs that were available for it, and he wanted something new.

So, He started to create some new programs using BASIC programming language. After that, he started some difficult and powerful assembly language. Slowly slowly, Maths and Programming become Torvald’s passion.

How Linux was Developed?

In 1987, Torvald’s starts savings and purchase his computer, A Sinclair QL. However, he soon becomes bored with this computer also because it’s Operating System reside in it’s ROM (Read Only Memory).

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In 1988, He took admission in the University of Helsinki, The premier institute of higher education in Finland. He was the student of Computer Science stream and He already knows the programming language already. At 1990, he attends his first class of C language which was very helpful for him to write the Linux kernel.

At 1991, He purchased an IBM-compatible personal computer which has 33 MHz Intel 386 Processor and a huge 4 MB of memory comes with MS-DOS Operating System already installed into it. He was disappointed with the MS-DOS Operating System because it had not much that much advance which Torvald’s wants. He strongly preferred the much more advanced computer to use with 386 processor at the University computers.

Now, Torvald’s also wants a UNIX O.S for his computer. But he didn’t find a basic O.S less than $5,000. There was also an O.S that is MINIX but it had some serious disadvantages. Most of the software and O.S owner don’t provide the source code(It is the original written in the computer by the human being using a Programming language like(C, BASIC, Java, etc.) before it’s compiled into the machine language

Having the source code is good to understand, study and improving that software. A highly skilled programmer such as Torvald’s become bored with the software which the source code is not available for Public use.

Now, he decided to make his own new Operating System from scratch that was based on MINX and UNIX both. Torvald was completely aware of the amount of work which he had to do. then Torvald’s decides to give his full attention to his project.

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On August 25, 1991, Torvald’s announce his first creation of an Operating System on the MINIX newsgroup. On September 17. he completed a new version(0.01) for his new O.S. Shortly at 5 October he announced version 0.02 the first official version. This version has both shell and User Interface like Unix-like Operating system.

Ari Lemmke, Torvalds’ friend and the administrator for ftp.funet.fi, a provider of FTP (file transfer protocol) services in Finland. encouraged him to upload his source code to the network. So, it will be easily readable for every person and programmer to study.

Torvald’s gave his Operating System a name Linux(from Linus’s MINIX) then he thinks another name that is Freax(Freak and MINIX). However, Lemmke uploads it on the FTP server with Linux directory. So, Linux becomes the name of his Operating System.

He decided to release this O.S as a GPL(General Public License) rather than more restricted O.S. This most popular Operating System allows anybody to study, modify, edit and also redesign and redistribute it to anyone.

So, this is the History of Linux and the Founder of Linux is Linus Torvalds. Hope, You like this information. If you like it and learn something new then share it with your family and friends.

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