How To Perform IDN Homograph Attack

Homograph Attack

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you about Homograph Attack. How to perform this attack? This is a very famous attack which is used by hackers to perform phishing attack. Hackers create a Phishing page and register a domain which looks similar to the original one and then they perform a advance Phishing attack.

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Hello Friends! In this tutorial, I am going to show you, What is Homograph and IDN Homograph Attack. In this Homograph attack, we create a word which is very similar to the original one but not original. All you know the written language is different in different countries. But some words are present there which is very similar to our language words. Let’s take an example, In this picture, you can see you the words which are very similar to the original one and you can’t differentiate between this.

homograph names

There are so many differences is present here. Wait!! I am showing you how. So, I’m typing here PayPal two times. But in this original one, I type l for (lion) here. and at the fake side, I type capital (i) here. So, all the words are looking same. But as a newbie, we can’t differentiate them. If you search this fake one name is on a search engine than a search engine doesn’t show any results because there is no result is present with this word.

salman name don't show any results


Let’s understand what is IDN Homograph Attack? You know about Domain Name. Peoples don’t buy Domains only in the English Language there are so many languages present. Peoples also buy a domain in Roman language and also French Language and so on… All of these languages contain some similar words which are exactly same as the other ones but not that other word.

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Hackers use this method to purchasing a domain name which is similar to the other domain name but the language is different. Then they make a phishing page on that domain and send it to the victim. It’s like a spoofing attack. You know mostly peoples know about the Phishing attack. So, before opening that link they confirm it that there is no spelling mistake and then they open that link. By using this method you can send any link which is almost similar to the original ones.

The main thing is that how these words can find out? So, here the answer you have to go to a website by clicking here. In this website type a name of which similar words you want.

 Homograph Attack generator website

This will show you so many words which are similar to all the alphabets present in google. After selecting the different alphabets which are similar to that alphabet which is present in the google. When you select the different alphabets then do submit. Now here this shows you the different words which are similar to the google.

 Homograph Attack word


Whenever you search this word on google then google wouldn’t show any results.


google don't show any results

You Can see here google not showing the correct result with this word. So, Hackers use this word to purchase a domain and then add SSL certificate to it. Then they send it to the victim. In my upcoming tutorials, I will also show you how to create a Phishing Page of any website. So, do subscribe to receive the latest updates. If you have any doubts and suggestions then you can ask it by commenting below. 🙂

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