How To Hack Wifi Password Using Kali Linux

how to hack wifi password using kali linux

How To Hack Wifi Password Using Kali Linux?

Hello Friends! Today in this tutorial I’m going to show you “how to hack wifi password using Kali Linux”. I use the Bruteforce attack to crack Wi-Fi password. In this attack, we make a monitor mode in the air by some commands which capture Wi-Fi password in the hash form.

After capturing that hash form password we must have to download a wordlist file by clicking here which contains so many simple passwords. After this we use aircrack-ng tool this tool match the hashes of capture file with the password list after finding password it will show you the correct password.

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BruteForce Attack

It is an attack in which attacker create a password list which is full of common password list. and a tool is present in Kali called aircrack-ng which try each and every password present in the wordlist very fastly.

Before Starting you have to download a wordlist by This will help you below. Let’s start, Open up your terminal and type


It will show you the present wireless card attached to your system for Wi-Fi.

After this type

airmon-ng start wlan0 

This command will start your monitor mode which is used to capture the Wi-Fi password.

how to hack wifi password using kali linux

So, type

airodump-ng wlan0mon

It will show you all available Wi-Fi network present around you.

dump available networks

Press ctrl+c to stop this. Now, type

airodump-ng -c ‘channel no.’ –bssid ‘ssid of the Wi-Fi which you want to hack’ -w /root/Desktop/ wlan0mon

So, this airodump-ng command capture the information of the Wi-Fi and then I type channel no. to give it information about the router for which we have to perform the attack. Similarly, I give ssid to airodump and then I type -w which shows the location in which I have to save the captured files. So, I save captured files to Desktop and then I type Wireless interface name.

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dump details of that router

It starts showing you the available connected devices to that network then simply open a new terminal and type

aireplay-ng -0 0 -a ‘ssid of the router’ -c ‘ssid of client’ wlan0mon

That’s the command to send deauthentication packets to the router.

disconnecting devices connected through router

It will disconnect all the devices which are connected to that router. When it disconnects all devices which are connected to that router. Then disconnected devices will send a request to the router for reconnection to the router. At the last when we type this command it will disconnect all the devices from the victim’s router.

When a device sends the packet to reconnect your monitor mode will capture the password. When it captures the password then in the first terminal window you see at the top right corner there is a handshake present.

shows handshake is done successfully

But the problem is that the password is in the hash form. We have to decrypt it. So, there are so many methods to decrypt the password. I will discuss all of that in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

But I will show you decrypt this password by the BruteForce attack. So, here I use aircrack-ng which apply every password of the wordlist to the victim’s router silently. Simply, type

aircrack-ng -a2 -b ‘router’s ssid’ -w /root/downloads/’wordlistfilename.txt’ /root/desktop/*.cap. 

cracking password using aircrack

You see here my attack is complete and I got the password key of the victim’s router.

shows that password is found

So, I hope now you learn how to hack wifi using pc/how to hack wifi using cmd. In an upcoming post, we learn much more than this. If you have any doubts regarding any post then you can ask us by doing comment. 🙂

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