How To Install Kali Linux Full Procedure Step by Step Explanation

How To Install Kali Linux

As we read in the previous blog that we have to download Kali Linux ISO files and we must have bootable pen drive in which ISO file is extracted/ Burn DVD of Kali Linux. So, in this post, we learn how to install Kali Linux on the system. So, restart your Pc/Laptop and then open boot menu by pressing the F12 button. In the boot menu, you have to select “DVD/ USB Drive” option. After this, Kali boot menu is open and then you have to click on Graphical Install.

how to install kali linux

Clicking it will ask you to select languages then select the language as per your preference. Here I’ll select English.

showing language

After this, select your country and click on “continue” button. Then it will ask you to set ‘hostname’. “Kali” is the default hostname but you can also change it simply by typing the new name in the box. And it is more appropriate to set it to default i.e. “Kali”.

enter name

Click “continue”. Then it will ask you to set a domain name.  You have to click “continue” by leaving it blank. After this, it will ask you for password then type any password which you remember easily. Click “continue”. Then it will ask you to select portioning method and you have to select “manual”.

showing partition

Then select all files in “one partition” option to keep all files in one partition. After that, you have to select the drive in which you have to install it. You can analyze it by seeing its size in the middle of the drive name as you can see in the image given below. Select the drive and click “enter” on the drive. Select the first option to make your drive “ext 4 journalism”.  Click “/” type of option and then your partition work is finished .then select “Finish partitioning setting” and click “continue”.

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shows partition is finished

After that, it will ask you to erase all the data from this partition & click “continue” and all the data from partition will be erased. Then it will ask you “write changes to disk?” and you have to select “yes”. It’ll take more than half an hour to complete the installation process.  After completion, it will ask you to install “Network mirror”, click “yes” and continue.

shows network mirror

NOTE! If you select “NO” on this screen, you will NOT be able to install packages from Kali repositories

After its installation it will ask you to install GRUB Bootloader then click “yes” and then continue. Then it will ask for the location the select on the second option.

GRUB location showing

Finally, Kali Linux is Successfully Install on the hard drive. Now, the computer will be restart automatically.  It will ask you to enter username and password “so you have to type “root” (it is default)  in the “username” and in place of “password” you have to write password which you gave at the starting of the installation of Kali Linux and in case you didn’t give any password then type “toor”(it is default).

                                              —————BOOM————- 🙂

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