How To Protect Pendrive From Viruses and Automatically Deleting of Data

how to protect pendrive from remove of shortcut virus

Hello Friends! Today I will show you how to protect pendrive from virus and data transformation and also helps to remove shortcut virus. Sometimes, we need pendrive when we go to the cyber cafe, Friend’s home, college computers and many more places we need pen drive. So, in that case unknowingly we insert pen drive there system and their system viruses come into your system. In some cases, your pen drive data also get deleted via viruses and we think how to remove shortcut virus.

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How To Protect Pendrive From Virus?

There are so many methods to protect pendrive from virus. I’m sharing some tricks with you these are very interesting and important tricks which helps you in your everyday life like you work in an office and you make a project then you wish to keep your pen drive safe from a virus as well as changing from another employee. so, in this tutorial, you learn how to protect your pen drive from viruses and deletion of data.

So, let’s start you can see here my all drives with my pen drive also in which I save some data.

showing my drive


Then open up your command prompt in administrative mode and type diskpart and hit enter.

open diskpart

after entering in diskpart type list disk to see the list of all the available disk which is attached to your computer.

shows available drive

select your USB drive here by looking up the size of the drive which is written in front of your drive. You can select the drive by typing select disk ‘no. of your pen drive’.

select disk

to protect your pen drive from viruses type attributes disk set readonly and hit enter.

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shows how to protect pendrive from virus

Now your USB drive is safe from any type of data exchanging and data changing and data deleting problems.
Boom your pen drive is now safe. If you try to save any file in it then you see a pop-up which shows you the cancellation of your operation.

and you don’t change any data from it. Let’s try to delete any file from my pen drive Option of delete button is not showing. This shows that nobody deletes your data and your data is safe.

shows delete option is not showing

If anybody tries to change any data of the drive when they see a pop-up which shows the drive is write protected.


shows file is not saving


and try to paste any file from my computer to the pendrive and this operation also not process. Now, you use pendrive anywhere without tensed of viruses.


file do not copy


If you want to restore your pendrive back then open up your command prompt and type attributes disk clear readonly. It will restore your pendrive in the earlier format.


shows pendrive normally

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