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Hey Guyz, Whatsup…I’m back with a new tutorial on Keylogger. In this tutorial, You will learn following Topics

  • How to make a Keylogger for any windows and keep recording each and every keystroke press by your victim.
  • How your Personal Information can be traced.
  • How to Be Safe from this types of Keyloggers.


It is clear by its name that its the logger of the keys. It monitors every keyboard keys which is press by you on your keyboard. Its full name is Keystrokes logging. Its work is to make a log file of every keystroke. Everything which is type by the victim using its keyboard, Keylogger is able to store these all. It also captures your credit, debit card details, username and password details, your messages etc.

Type of Keyloggers:-

  1. Hardware-Based Keylogger
  2. Software-Based Keylogger

Hardware-Based Keylogger:- Its a very small Cylindrical Shape looking device which is connected to the target system and then it starts monitoring every keystroke. After completion, we can see what the victim type on its System.

hardware based keylogger

Software-Based Keylogger:- It’s a Computer Program which is made to monitor all of the keystrokes. It’s designed in a way, without the knowledge of your victim it is installed on your victim system and then you can monitor all the keystrokes. It is able to bypass small firewall and antiviruses.

Software-Based Keylogger are of many types:-

  • Hypervisor-Based
  • Kernel-Based
  • API-Based
  • Form Grabbing Based
  • Javascript Based
  • Memory Injection Based

So, Today we are going to create a Software-Based Keylogger. If you wanted to know more about Keylogger then Click Here.

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How To Make a Keylogger?

I’m going to use a tool name Beelogger. You can download this tool by Clicking Here and you can also clone this tool in your Kali by typing below command.

  • git clone  

Before Installing this tool. I would recommend you to install wine34 first. After successful installation of wine34. Now, you can install beelogger. Otherwise, you will face some errors.

installing beelogger

To install beelogger tool in your Kali. Type

  • ./

This will start updating you Kali and It asks you for which platform you wanted to make a keylogger. I select here windows 10. you can select this option according to your choice. After this click on next next and so on…and install the setup.

installing python in beelogger

After completion of installation process. Run Bee Script to make a Keylogger. Type

  • ./

working beelogger script

Now, you can see this type of interface. This tool is very easy to use and anyone can use this tool. Here, you can see [K] – generating Payload

Press K to generate a payload and then it asks some options like select 1 for adobe flash type software file. Just select option according to your need. I select 1 options here.

generating a keylogger

Now, it asks for your Gmail ID and password in which you want to receive the logs. I recommend you to make a new Gmail Account for this purpose. Don’t give your original Gmail account. After giving Email ID and Password You have to go to this link and click on Allow Less Secure Apps for the Fake Gmail Account.

giving credentials

giving permission

It will start generating your Keylogger. After completion, this keylogger is present on your Beelogger/dist/Adobe_Flash_.exe

generate keylogger

Now, Just copy this Keylogger and send it to your victim. Once your victim double click on this file then you’ll get all the keystroke of your victim’s system.

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beelogger keylogger

It will send you all the logs once it completes 120 words or after 2 minutes. It will send you all the logs in your Gmail ID.

How to Be Safe from this types of Keyloggers.

Use some Personal encrypted software like Keyscrambler. You can download this software by Clicking Here. This software will encrypt your each and every keystrokes.


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