Insert Linux ASCII Art Text In The Terminal Header By Hacking Blogs

linux ascii art

Linux ASCII Art

Hello Friends! You’re most welcome to my new post. In this tutorial, we will learn how to do Linux ASCII art to your terminal window. After this tutorial whenever you will open your terminal then a text is shown at the above of the terminal which you want to see.

Let’s Start! 🙂

Firstly, Open your Terminal window for inserting in Linux ASCII art in Terminal Header you have to download a small tool named figlet by typing apt-get install figlet.

install figlet

See Friends, I already installed it on my Linux that’s why it shows this. Bu in your case if you don’t download this then do download this application at first. After downloading just type figlet ‘Whatever name which you want to give’  without inverted commas. I typed here figlet HackingBlogs 

figlet command use

You can see here HackingBlogs is print in my terminal top. Now, If you have to add this text permanently on your terminal then you have to save this name on a file .bashrc . You will open this file by typing leafpad /root/bashrc. This command will open this text file on your leafpad Document editor. This is a hidden file.

showing subheading in .bashrc file

After opening this file just go to the last line by scrolling down to the bottom and then type figlet ‘name’ like figlet “Hacking Blogs” . After adding this text you just to save this file. Now, whenever you open your terminal you can see their Hacking Blogs is written at the top.

showing ascii text

So, If you want to add text below this Hacking Blogs then just open that .bashrc file again by typing leafpad /root/.bashrc then scroll down at the last in the next line type echo “your message” then save this file.

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write subheading in .bashrc file

Now, open your terminal you can see there a message is present at the below of the Hacking Blogs.

showing sub heading

You can also change its font type by typing figlet -f ‘font type’ “Hacking Blogs”. In the below image i am showing you some fonts by typing some commands.

showing different fonts

different fonts

Some more interesting font commands

1.) figlet -f rowancap “HackingBlogs”

2.) figlet -f thick “HakingBlogs”

3.) figlet -f basic “HackingBlogs” 

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