What Is The Need Of Cyber Security? Why It Is Important?

Need Of cyber security

Why The Need Of Cyber Security?

Hello World, Today In the Digital World Everything is going to connect to the Internet. Our Transactions, Shopping, Data and everything is done by the Internet. If all the devices are connected to the internet continuously then It has demerits as well. If we don’t know how to use technology effectively then we are the dumb peoples in my knowledge. Same some peoples are sitting there who knows how to play with technology effectively then the result is going to be dangerous Hack. You all know about this. We all need cyber security to secure yourself.

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Recently, I was gone to the WOW(Worlds Of Wonder), Delhi, India. This is a place where so many water rides are present and I see there a very dangerous ride which is a roller coaster and all the rides are managed by the computers. Suppose, If any Bad person hacks that computer and do some changes in the rides then the result will come dangerous. Similarly, If nuclear missile system is gonna hacked then it becomes a very dangerous situation for all of us.

There are so many possibilities in the digital world to hack anything. It depends upon your thinking. So, we have to prepare first to prevent yourself from the cyber attack.

Why we Learn Cyber Security?

need of cyber security

You guys know a very famous dialogue which is “To Beat a Hacker, You Need To Think Like A Hacker“. So, this is the perfect answer to this question. If we have to beat a Hacker then we have to think like a hacker. To think like a hacker we must have knowledge about “How a Cyber Attack Perform?. Till we don’t know the hacking techniques then how can we solve these issues? So, we learn about these hack for securing a website. If we know the location from where a hacker can access to the system then we close that port. So that hacker can’t have any access to that.

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Suppose, If we know our home all entering doors then we know all the location from where a thief can enter our house then we closed that door. So that the thief will not enter to our house. Similarly, If we know from where an attacker attacks to our website then we close that door of the website. So that attacker will not take any access to our Website.

If we look at the perspective of career then this is a very vast field and its scope is going to be increased because with Increase in time everything is joining the Internet. So, the possibilities of digital crime are also increasing. To stop these crimes we have to learn cybersecurity. If you wanted to learn Cyber Security from Basic to Advance then go to my Table of Content Page and starts reading from first to last.

If we know how to use a Technology Perfectly then you can save yourself on the Internet. Remember, If we connect to the Internet then there are 90% chances that peoples are hackable. So, we have to overcome this ratio with proper education. So, that nobody attacks us and steal your money. You have to prepare yourself before the Hack.

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