Fix Public IP Use No-IP | Convert Dynamic Public IP Into Static

Convert Dynamic Public IP Into Static

How To Fix Public IP Use NO-IP

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to show you how you can Fix your Public IP. If you read my previous tutorial on How to Hack System Outside LAN then you know after restarting the Kali Linux your Public IP address is change and your connection with your victim was broke.

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No matter we forward ports and we give a static Private IP. If you don’t make your public IP also static then all the packets which are coming from the victim’s device are going to our previous Public IP address. After restart your Kali your Public IP is gonna changed. That’s why you can’t make your connection again with your victim. To avoid this issue we have to fix the Public/WAN IP.

For this we have two methods which are given below:-

  1. To purchase Public Static IP:- If you purchase the Public IP with your ISP then you have to give it’s monthly/yearly charges because it is paid. So that, whenever you connected to the internet then your ISP will provide you the static IP.
  2. Use Third-Parties Websites:- If you don’t want to purchase the Public IP with your ISP then you can use no-ip website on which you will find some paid and free plans. You can choose any of them according to your choice.

Let’s Start 🙂

no-ip is a website which makes your Public IP static. So that, your connection with your victim will not break. It’s free to use. I’m going to show you how to setup no-ip.

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Open your Web Browser and Go to website by Clicking Here. 

After open, this website Just types your Hostname which you want to give. and then type the domain which you want. You can select anyone. For ex:- I select

  • Hostname:-  hackingblogs
  • Domain:-

and then click on Sign Up Button.

no ip interface

Now, Simply Create your account and do Confirm Your Account. Now, Before taking this tool in use you have to download its software. The link for the software is shown on the page.

dashboard of no ip

After downloading Click on Get Started With Dynamic DNS Option. This will open your Dashboard. Now, Install the software which you download and do sign in.

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no ip tool

Select Your Hostname and do save these settings. After this everything is ticked now. Now your tool is ready. It regularly checks your IP address and whenever your IP address changes it will also update it. Now, use this IP address which is given by this tool.

settings configuring of no ip

no ip showing ip

Whenever you’ll make a payload to perform hack outside the LAN then use the IP address which is shown by the no-ip tool. It will work similarly to the Public IP. Now, your connection will never break with your victim. Enjoy It Hackers. Good Bye 🙂

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