What Is NsLookup? Step By Step Explanation For Beginners

what is nslookup

What Is NsLookup?

In the previous post, we read about whois lookup but in this tutorial, we read about what is nslookup tool. So, What is nslookup? nslookup tool is a name server lookup. It is a command-line tool. with the help of nslookup tool, you know about the hosted network of a website.

A nameserver is a place where Domain get resolved in its IP, every domain is connected to some hosted server. nslookup is a very great tool for finding the Domain Name Server problems like hostname resolution.

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This tool is present in all the operating systems by default. But whois is not present by default in any operating system. We can use this tool on windows command prompt also. This tool is operated in two modes:-

1.) Interactive mode

2.) Non-Interactive mode

Non-Interactive Mode

In this mode, you find out DNS details of a domain with a simple nslookup command. Type “nslookup ‘website name'”. This nslookup command works on command prompt as well as terminal also.

nslookup shows IP address
Here, you find the IPv4 &IPv6 both IP addresses.

Interactive Mode

In this Mode, you will know about DNS information in advance way. So, open your command prompt/terminal and type nslookup and hit enter.

Now you entered into the nslookup. Just type any query to find the available details of the website. Let I type here ‘google.com‘ then it will show the same result which we have seen in the above method.

Now, for advanced use type ‘set type=ns‘ here ‘ns‘ means nameserver and hit enter. after this type the website name it will show the nameserver of that particular website.

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nslookup use with Interactive mode

It will show you the nameserver. Here some more interesting nslookup command like if you have to find the mail exchanger service of the website then type ‘set type=mx‘ here ‘MX‘ means mail exchanger. then type ‘website name‘ for which website you have to find mx details in my case I try for google.

mail server list via nslookup

If you have to find all DNS information of any website then simply type ‘ set type=all ‘ and hit enter. after this type website name then it will show you all the available details of the website.

information gathering tool what is nslookup

Here you find all the available information on the website. These all the queries resolve from your default DNS server. here, you see your default server by command ‘server’.

If you have to change your default DNS server then simply type ‘server‘ this is a google default server. now if we type any nslookup command then it will be resolved from the google server.

information gathering tool
You can see here now all queries resolve from the google server. If you have your own server then you can connect to your server and then all the queries will start resolving from your server.

So, if you want to know more about this then simply type ‘?‘ it will show you all the possible commands.

shows help

Hope Friends You like this tutorial. If you have any doubts and query then don’t forget to comment it below. 🙂


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