How to Upload a Phishing page on Hosting | Phishing Page Part 2

This Tutorial is for Education Purpose Only!!!

Hello Friends! You ‘re most welcome in the second part of the Facebook Phishing page attack. In the previous tutorial we learn how t create a Phishing Page and In this tutorial, I will tell you

  • how to purchase an free domain name?
  • How to attach it to the hosting?
  • How to add free SSL connection to your Domain?

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So, In the previous tutorial, we upload the files to the hosting. But now, in this tutorial, We will purchase a free domain and attach it to our free hosting. So, Open a website. and search for a domain name similar to the Facebook. and add that domain to your cart. Like I purchase a domain with

purchasing namecheap domain

After selecting this domain do verify your Email address to it and then give your details and complete your purchase. After Updating your details and complete your purchase click on submit and then click on services option and select My Domains option here.

configuring setting of domain

Then go to manage domain and then click on Management Tool and here select Nameservers

nameserver setting freenom

Now here, you have to put the Nameservers of 000webhost. For this just click on Use Custom Nameserver Option then you see the 4 blank list in which you have to place the name servers of 000webhost. Now, go to your 000webhost account and click on set web address option which is present on the left side of the file manager option.

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Click on this option.

000webhost hosting attaching

After this, you see your domain page then click on own Domain option. Here, you find two name servers copy both one by one paste it to the and also place your freenom domain name here. Then click on Park. This will take half an hour approximately to park your domain. After an hour you will see your domain is now active.

domain name parking

Boom!!! Now, type your domain on a new window and then you will found your Phishing page. and whenever you place your username and password then it will directly go to your logs.txt file which is present in the file manager of 000webhost.

facebook page

Let’s see I put my username and password on this page to see the credentials will save to the logs.txt or not.

password logs

Now, this does not look well. One thing is missing which is SSL Connection.

How to add free SSL connection to your Domain?

So, for linking SSL certificate to it. I have a very good website for you that is Cloudflare. Just go there and create your new account and add your website name. and click on Continue Continue till you find the nameservers of Cloudflare.

nameserver cloudfare

When you find the nameserver of Cloudflare just open your account and go to your domain name servers option which I showed you in my earlier post. Just copy both of these nameservers and paste it into the Domain servers and do click on Change nameservers.

nameserver of cloudfare

Just replace the older ones and paste upon them these both nameservers. It will take approx 2-4 hours or more to Active. You can see here my site is activated with SSL certificate. Now, you can send this page to the victim.

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ssl certificate

How to Stay Safe From This Attack?

  • Don’t open any Link which is sent by anyone.
  • Before opening any short bitly URL. Firstly, expand that link and check this.
  • Before filling your sensitive details check the website URL carefully.
  • Nowadays, very advanced Phishing page is present on the internet. So, be careful, be Updated and subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates. 

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Adi ggg
Adi ggg

hey bro please tell something
whenever i upload phising files on 000webhost. they ban me.
what shld i do…. should i purchase premium hosting from them?


please will it work? i need help thanks!


keep showing me this page when i tried to check my website:

Hooray, your free website has been started!

You see this page because your website doesn’t have “index.php” or “index.html” file in public_html folder.
Create index file
Below you can see your current files in public_html folder.