How To Play Youtube Video In The Background Of Android | YouTube Hacks

Play YouTube Video In The Background

How To Play Youtube Video In The Background Of Android | YouTube Hack

Hey Guys! I guess this post is going to be very interesting for everyone. Because in this post, You will learn about youtube hack tricks. We learn how to play youtube video in the background of Android/iOS Device. In most of the cases, When we have to listen to music on Youtube and wants to minimize it but we can’t minimize it on the mobile phone. This post is for them who listen to music on YouTube but wanted to listen to it in the background.

So, Read this whole post I’m sharing here one trick on  Youtube hack by which you can listen to youtube music in the background and do any work by playing youtube video in the background.

So, Let’s Start 🙂

First, Download Google Chrome Browser on your Android device from Play Store and install it. If you have then Open it. 

open chrome browser

Now, You have to open in any tab of Google Chrome Browser.


Now, on the right side you can see there are three dots are present. You have to click on this. This will open the options of the Chrome Browser.

open 3 dots

You can see there is an option present to open the website in the desktop version. Simply, Click on that option. Open in Desktop version.

open desktop version youtube hack

Now, your Youtube is open on your chrome browser in the desktop version. You almost done.

youtube in desktop version

Now, play any song there which you want to listen

play youtube song

After the song starts just hit your home button. This will exit yourself from your Chrome browser window. But Wait…I have a surprise for you. 

Open your Notification Bar. You can see the youtube song playing option is present there. Just Play the song.

youtube hack youtube in notification bar


Youtube song will start playing in the background. Now, You can do your any work with youtube music playing in the background.

If you like this tutorial then tell us by commenting below and if you have any doubts regarding this just comment it below. I will definitely answer it. 🙂


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