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Setup Honeypot

Honeypot!!! Trap For Hackers

So Friends, Today You will learn about Honeypot. It’s a very important post for all the hackers. So, I recommend you to read this full post.


It’s an application which attracts a Hacker to hack itself. So, that it can trace that hacker. It pretends to a hacker that it’s very vulnerable. When Hacker try to hack the system then all the activities of the Hacker is traced by Honeypot. This is set up to distract the hacker. During this process, all the process of a hacker is retrieved.

For ex:- If a person wants to catch an animal then he/she will make a trap for that animal. Similarly, Honeypot is working like a trap for the malicious hacker.

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It is clear from its name that it is a pot full of Honey. Whenever a fly bee comes to sucks honey from the pot then we will catch it. Similarly, The Pot full of honey is a server and a Fly Bee is a Hacker.

If a company open some ports on its server and hacker regularly try the hacking attacks on that port. In that case, Company will setup Honeypots to all these ports to trace hackers.

Honeypots are divides into two parts:-

  1. Production Honeypots
  2. Research Honeypots

Production Honeypots:- It’s a low interaction honeypot by which we can collect limited information about the hacker. It’s very easy to use. Production Honeypots are placed into the production network to improve their state of security.

Research Honeypots:- This is an advance honeypot which is set up to retrieve the information/motive of the Black Hat Hacker. It is mainly used by the Govt. Organization.

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Research Honeypot is also divided into 3 parts:-

  1. Pure Honeypots
  2. High-Interaction Honeypots
  3. Low-Interaction Honeypots

How To Create a Honeypot?

Here, I’m using a tool to setup Honeypot which is PentBox. You can download this tool by Clicking Here. and you can also download this tool by typing ⏬ in your Kali Linux Terminal.

git clone

setup honeypot

Now, You need to run pentbox.rb script. Type ⏬ in your terminal.


setup honeypot configuration

If you wanted to setup Honeypot in your Network then just type


select options for honeypot

Now, we have to setup Honeypot here. So, I type here


for Honeypot

making honeypot

Here, two options are visible

  1. Fast Auto Configuration:- There is no need to configure this option.
  2. Manual Configuration:- You have to configure this manually.

options to setup honeypot

Fast Auto Configuration

Firstly, We use here first option. So, type


and Hit Enter. Now the Honeypot is activated on Port No. 80.

honeypot ready

To check this is working or not. Just Go to your Windows Machine which is on the same network and then types your Kali Linux IP address on the browser. If this is shown an error like given below then it is working and your all details are monitored in your Kali Linux Terminal.

attack on open port logs of the attacker

You can also see here your all details like

  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • IP

are retrieved by the Honeypot.

Manual Configuration

Again open your Pentbox and do the same procedure till Honeypot option. Above, we type 1 for auto configuration. But now, type 2 for Manual Configuration.

setup honeypot manually

This option will ask you some questions. You have to answer them.

  1. You have to type port no. on which you want to set up Honeypot.
  2. then it asks for a message which is shown to the attacker when he/she will try any attack on this port.
  3. Now, It will ask, You want to save logs of the attack or not.
  4. At last, It will ask you If you want to make a beep sound when someone tries to attack this port.
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Now, the Honeypot is activated on the Port No.23

select honeypot

To check this Honeypot. Open your Command Prompt and type

telnet ‘Kali IP’

warning message shown on honeypot

Here, you can see your Alert message which you gave above. Now, go to your Kali and see all the details will be shown there.

logs of the attacker

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