What is Steganography and How to do Steganography?

What is Steganography


Hello Friends! Today I will talk about Steganography. What is Steganography and How to do Steganography and Steganography examples? Let understand first what is Steganography? Steganography is an art to send a confidential information to another user via binding that message to another file, media etc. It is made up of using two Greek words Steganos and graphien in which steganos means covered, concealed, hidden and graphien means message.

Steganography examples

You all are thinking that where this Steganography is used. So, you all know that all the countries having a secret agency like an Intelligence agency. Their agents are present in another country also. Agents use this method to send the different country information to their country. They cannot send these all data directly. In that case, they use Steganography.

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Steganography is not a newly commerce in the market. Peoples use this technique from very past time. You will see many examples how peoples send their hidden message in 440BC. Some, of the examples I tell you. Peoples shave their head when they write a message on their head and when the hair grows then their message also hide. After reaching their destination that guy again shaved their head and shows their message. There are many tricks to send the hidden message.

Steganography examples is a very long topic to tell you about the techniques how peoples send their hidden message techniques of the earlier time. So, I’m giving you the Wikipedia link. You can learn about it by clicking here.

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Practical Session

In this digital world, By using steganography we can send our hidden data in a second to our team. I will show you some basic Steganography examples in this tutorial. Let’s start 🙂

I am going to show you how to hide a secret message in an Image File. You can see here I have a normal Image file.

simple image


For hiding a message in this file we have to open the command prompt in this location. So, type cmd in the search bar and hit enter. After entering to the command prompt type echo “Subscribe Hacking Blogs” >> ‘image file name’ without inverted commas.

command of hiding message

You can see here the command is properly run. That means my message is hidden properly. You can open your image file and you cannot find any change in that image file. But If you want to see the message which is hidden in the image file. Then you have to open this image in your notepad++. After opening your image file in your notepad++ Just scroll down to the bottom and there you will see your message is present.

Steganography examples

You can see here we can see the hidden message here. Now, I will show you how to hide zip file inside your image file. So, take both files zip file and image file in a single folder.


showing two simple files

You can see here I have two files one is a zip file and second is an image file. Now, open your command prompt again and type copy /b hacking.jpg + steganography.rar secretagentfile.jpgThis command will hide the zip file in your newly made image file. Let see the meaning of this command. I type copy /b hacking.jpg to copying zip file in the hacking.jpg (image file).

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Then I type + steganography.rar(zip file name) to adding the zip file with the image file and then I type secretagentfile.jpg This will make a new image similar to the older one but in this image, there is zip file is also hidden. So, you can give any name to this.

hiding rar file in a image file

You can see here the command is executed properly. and a new file is made in the same folder name secretagentfile.jpg You can open these both image file and you wouldn’t find any difference in that. But to open this zip file you have to open this image file in a zip file. then you can see there is a zip file.

By using this technique you can attach any of the extension files with it. Hackers use this technique to hide any file. Hackers can send their viruses with this technique. So, with the revolution of time the steganography techniques also become advance.

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Attacker sends their keylogger, viruses, worms, spyware with this technique whenever the victim opens this file then victim’s system is hacked. In my upcoming tutorial, I will tell you about cryptography also. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial then you can ask us in the comment section.


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