How To Use TOR Browser? How to Configure it & it’s full explanation

How To Use TOR Browser

What Is TOR Browser?

Hello Friends! Today I will teach you How To Use TOR Browser – It’s installation process, configuration process etc. TOR Browser was developed in the 1990s by the Naval Research Laboratory in the United States.TOR Browser is a free and a special browser which is used to maintain the {anonymity(any person with no identity)} of a person. By this, you can surf the internet without showing your actual identity.

On the internet, our identity is traced via anybody by IP address. Any device which is connected to the internet has their own IP address for showing identity. With this IP address govt. can track your many information like what you surf and from where you surf the internet.

TOR Browser is a different kind of browser which hides your real IP address in different layers of IP address of different countries.

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So, if anybody wants to track you then they will see the fake IP which is of another country. The most important thing about this is that it will open every website with different IP addresses. Suppose, If you open then TOR Browser gives you another IP address and after you surf then TOR Browser gives you another IP address.

So, it’s all the process is done to keep your identity private on the Internet. It’s full form The Onion Router. Its name is given on onion because onion has so many layers. Similarly, It also provides you with many layers of different IP addresses. That’s why It’s hard to track a person who uses TOR Browser.

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Earlier, TOR Browser is used by only US Intelligence bureau agents. They used this browser for their communication. But that time, this browser is not available for every people. But now, it is available for anybody also. We can also say that This is the main gate of the Dark Web. By using this TOR Browser we can enter to the Dark Web easily.

How To Access Dark Web?

It is the underworld of the internet. This Dark web can be accessed by anybody by using TOR Browser. Dark Web is the Black Market of the Internet and many peoples don’t aware of this. The internet which is surf by us is only 5% and the 95% of the internet comes under this Dark Web. Its network is spread over whole over the world.

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Every illegal activity like crime, drugs, guns, black magic and so many bad things are present in the dark web and there is so many sellers present who is selling this. They complete these task for some money and the transaction here is done by using Bitcoin.

They have also a hidden server which is known by Galaxy 2 and they have also their hidden Wikipedia. Friends I’ll not share any of the Dark Web links here to save you from entering into a very big problem. Here I can’t talk about dark web because it is a very vast topic and if I start then you will not learn about TOR Browser.

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Let’s come to the topic TOR Browser. Let’s see how to install it and successfully configure it. Firstly, Download this browser via clicking here. and just install it on your desktop by clicking on next, next… You see here two files are installed on my desktop.

Now, Just Open your TOR Browser application.

shows tor browser files

Here, you have to configure it’s detailed so just click on that configure option.

configure tor browser

Then it will ask you two questions and don’t change anything remains as it is and click on connect


configuration of tor browser


You see here my TOR Browser connecting process is started and after completion of this process, it will start TOR Browser.


tor browser connects

After this, your TOR Browser starts, to verify your anonymity details just open your google chrome and type whatismyip and see your real IP location


shows my real ip


After this open this same website on your TOR Browser and see your IP address location. If it shows the different address then your TOR Browser works perfectly. Friends, this IP is also hidden into the different layers you can see it via clicking this small button shows on the pic.

shows my hidden ip


So, Friends, you see here the different layers in which your real IP is hidden.


proxy chains of ip

In the upcoming tutorial, I will show you some important and advance configuration also. If you want to read more interesting articles like this then click here.

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