TRAPE | Track Anyone Over WAN Using Trape 2

Perform Trape Over WAN

Hello Friends! I’m back with the second part of the last post on TRAPE | Track Anyone On The Internet. In this post, I’m going to track anybody on the internet and perform some attacks like phishing, messages, redirect.

Last Time, I show you using of TRAPE tool on LAN. But In this post, you will get complete knowledge of how to use this tool over WAN.

Without wasting much time…Let’s Start🙂

In order to perform this attack you need to do 3 tasks:-

  1. Port Forwarding
  2. Install ngrok
  3. Trape tool

First of all, You need to do port forwarding on [port no. :-80] which I already write a post on How To Port Forwarding/ Port Forwarding In Windows.

After forwarding your port. you need to install ngrok on your Kali Linux. To install ngrok on your Kali Linux. Click Here to go to the download page of ngrok and download ngrok for Linux. After downloading this tool in your Kali Linux.

Just Extract into your Desktop and type

After moving ngrok to the bin folder then to start ngrok type

Now, after successfully port forwarding and setup ngrok. You need to start Trape.

Open Trape folder in terminal and type

This command will start trape tool and make a suspicious link which you need to send to your victim.

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Similarly to the previous post on TRAPE | Track Anyone On The Internet Using Trape open trape control panel on your browser.

Now, you don’t have to send the link to your victim which is given by the trape tool.

You have to send the link which is given by the ngrok tool.

Copy this link and type at the end of the link and send it to your victim.

Whenever your victim clicks on this suspicious link. You can see them on your Control Panel Page.

Click on Details and then Click on Attack Hooks:-

First: Type any message which you wanted to show to your victim. After typing the message Click on send. Now, that message will show to the victim screen. For ex:- I type You are hacked by Hacking Blogs.

Second: To send your keylogger, venom file to the victim. Firstly, create a virus file and then move that file in trape/static/File/

After moving keylogger file to above location. Just type the file name in the Attack Hooks in the Control Panel and Click on send. This will send this keylogger file to your victim system.

Third: You can also redirect that suspicious link to any link which you want. For ex:- I redirect the link to my website.

Fourth: This will redirect the suspicious link to the phishing page. Simply, type the website name which you wanted to make a phishing page.

So, this is the whole tutorial of this tool. Hope you like and enjoy it. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial you can ask in the comment section. Our team will definitely reply you 🙂

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