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example of a network

Networking Part(1)

Networking is very important in the field of Hacking. Because to hack a system we must have knowledge about the system. If we know how data is transfer from one system to another then we are able to capture that data. If we don’t know what is IP Address? Types of Network?What is Networking? If you don’t know anything about this then how can you perform a hack on a network? How you secure a network?

So, I’m covering these all topics in this post,

  • What is Network?
  • what is IP address?
  • Types Of Network
  • Classes of IP address?

What is Network?

Collection of two or more system, printer, router, switches that are connected in a way to communicate with each other for sharing information, files and much more. This is known as a Network.

example of a network

In this image, all the devices are connected to each other. This is the example of Network.

Types of Network:-

LAN(Local Area Network):- Group of Computers/ Network of computers in a limited geographical area. For ex:- An Office Building Network.

WAN(Wide Area Network):– This networks covers the whole world. This is an interconnection of LAN.

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network):- This is the network of Systems which is used to interchange the data between two cities. When we have to exchange data from one city to another nearest city then we use MAN.

PAN(Personal Area Network):- Personal area network is like a mobile hotspot. If we make our mobile hotspot and connect some devices to it. This is known as PAN. I also wrote a post on how to convert windows wifi into a hotspot.

What is the IP address?

The IP(Internet Protocol) address is a temporary address which is given to every device which is connected to the internet.

The IP address is of two type:-

Public IP:- This IP address which is given by your Internet Service Provider.

Private IP:- This IP address is given by your Router.

NAT(Network Address Translation):- NAT is used to convert Private IP into Public IP. This is used by your Router. Router converts your Private IP into Public IP.

Categories Of IP Address

IPv4:- It is a 32-Bit. In this address, 32 bits are divided into 4 octets.

For ex:-

IPv6:- It is a 128-Bit address. In this address, 128 bits are divided into 16 octets.

For ex:- 2a03:2880:2011:ff6:face:b00c:0:8000

In the second post, we will learn about MAC Address, OSI Model. If you feel any doubt then comment it down below we will definitely reply you.



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