How to use NoDistribute and VirusTotal

Hello Friends! In this tutorial, we discuss Nodistribute and virustotal website. Apart from practical sessions, we must have theoretical knowledge also. So, If you don’t know about these two websites then you must have to read this article because this will help you a lot. Most of the hackers, Pentesters uses nodistribute site. This website is used for finding viruses, worms, trojans and some malicious thing also from the upload file.

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Most of your friends having one or two Anti-viruses install on your system and some legends also present with no Antiviruses their system like me. :P. You know all the Anti-viruses are not perfect on their own. Some Anti-viruses detect only spyware and some detect only Malwares. We all cannot install these kinds of malwares and viruses on our own systems. So, In this conditions, these two sites are too much beneficial for us.

1.) NoDistribute 30+ Popular Anti-Virus

2.) VirusTotal 60+ Anti-Virus

Let You downloaded a zip file and you don’t know what is present inside that file. If you open that file then your system may be infect and without opening that file you can’t know what terrible inside this. So, In that case, you can go to any one of these two website and check your file by uploading here. Why I am telling you about this sites? Because these sites have 60+ Anti-Viruses  to scan your file with the latest updates of the Anti-Virus.

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If your file has any virus then one of them Anti-Virus will definitely detect that virus. So, you can protect yourself from viruses. These sites are very simple to use just upload your document to this site and in minutes you will see the results of your file.



Difference Between VirusTotal and NoDistribute

Both of these sites save your data which you scan previously. So, if you scan that similar file again then it asks you to show the previous results of that same file either scan that file. They store your data and send it to the Anti-Virus companies so that they make their Anti-Viruses more strong.

But NoDistribute site is not doing this. This site doesn’t distribute your results to Anti-Virus companies.

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Uses Of NoDistribute

Let, A Black Hat Hacker makes a fully undetectable payload and he/she wants to test that payload before executing that payload that it detects by Anti-Viruses or not. In this case, he/she will go to NoDistribute website and upload her payload here to test it by different Anti-Viruses. Black Hat Hacker cannot use VirusTotal website because once they upload their fully undetectable payload here then VirusTotal aware of this type of payload and send it to the Anti-Virus companies.

Hope you understand this concept. Hereafter If you have any doubt regarding this then you can do comment it below. Our team will answer you shortly 🙂


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