How to Analyze a Technology on a Website on Which it Work??



Hello Friends! I’m here with an add-on which is used in chrome browser as well as Mozilla Firefox also. The add-on name is wappalyzer. It is a very powerful and useful add-on to find out website technology in which it works. It detects content management systems, e-commerce platform, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and much more. This browser extension is attached with firefox and chrome like web browsers.

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How to use wappalyzer?

Let’s start…

Firstly, download this wappalyzer extension by Clicking here. and add it to your Chrome browser by clicking on add to browser tab.


After successful installation of that extension you see top right side corner it’s extension will be added to your browser. So, now if you surf on any website it can analyze it automatically. You can see it in the bottom screenshot.

wappalyzer using

In this screenshot, it tells about all the information of the website like in which CMS website is work, which e-commerce plugin is used, programming language, javascript, which network is used for ads.

showing cms

This is a very easy tool to work and it saves your time also. But there is only one problem like it reduce your browsing speed because if you open a website it analyze it firstly and some processes start in the background. So, I suggest you do not use this extension on your main browsers like if you use chrome then install it on Mozilla Firefox and vice versa.

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This tool is also good for finding the technology on which website works. There are so many tools by which you can do Information Gathering. I will tell you about all of that. You can also read many articles on Information Gathering by Clicking here.


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