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Who Is Hacker?

Whenever I think who is a hacker then I used to think that hacking is all about typing codes. I searched for them on the internet, read articles and I found I was wrong. Hacking isn’t actually what I think it was. Hacking simply means to manipulate the computer according to your needs.

And a person who does this kind of job is known as a hacker. Moreover, a hacker is any skilled person who has a deep knowledge about any computer program. We have different types of hackers:

who is hacker? shows different hats of a hacker
  • White Hat Hacker: – White hat hackers are those who work for only legal purposes. They provide data security to common persons. They are good. And I recommend you to opt for this so, you may live healthy in this field.


  • Black Hat Hacker:  Black hat hackers are those who work for illegal purposes. They steal data and misuse it. They break security levels and so charge a big amount for this. Although they can’t stay safe much longer and get caught soon. So, I won’t recommend you to opt for this one.

  • Grey Hat Hacker: – Grey hat hackers are those who work for both legal as well as illegal purposes. They are biased towards money and profit. Wherever they find profit they just go for it. Sometimes, they become a white hat and sometimes black hat.


  • Suicide Hacker:- It is quite clear by its name that these types of hackers don’t have any knowledge about “how to hack” but they still do. They are not professionals and hence don’t have an idea about privacies. Sometimes, these kinds of hackers are also known as script kiddies.
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  • Script Kiddies:- They are new in this field and use tools to do hacking which is made by the real hacker. They are very beginners in this field. They do hacking for entertaining us.


  • Hacktivist:- These are the Hackers who applied their hacking skills on a Political Agenda, Religious Matter, Social etc. Most of the Hacktivist are involve in the Denial Of Service Attack (DOS).


  • Phreak:- These are the hackers who applied their whole hacking skills only on Mobile Phone Hacking. Their main interest is on Mobile Hacking Only.

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