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what is kali linux


If you guys know about hacking then for sure you also know about Kali Linux. Do you remember that I already wrote many posts on Kali Linux? But I never tell you about What Is Linux and Why It Is So Important For Hacking. Some of these posts are like

  • How to Hack Mobile Phones?
  • Ho to hack WhatsApp?
  • How to hack Computer?

I also wrote many posts on Kali Linux tools. So, Today We are going to talk about Linux.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux Distribution which wants to provide advanced Penetration Testing and security auditing. It contains a hundred tools which want to provide various information security tasks. Linux is developed, Funded and Maintained by Offensive Security, a Leading Information Security Training Company.

Kali Linux was released on 13th March 2013. It is a complete rebuild of backtrack from up to down. I am going to write some points which describe the best about Kali Specifications.

  1. It contains more than 600 Penetration Testing tools.
  2. It is free(which is very good)
  3. Open source(very interesting): That means we can see each and every system files of this operating system. and also change any file according to our need.
  4. FHS(File Hierarchy System) Complaint: File System is present in Hierarchy form.
  5. Wide-Ranging wireless device support: It supports wireless device.
  6. Custom Kernel (Patched For Injection):
  7. Developed in a Secure Environment
  8. GPG Signed Packages & repositories
  9. Multi-Language Support: It supports many different languages.
  10. Completely Customizable: If you have access to each and every file of this O.S. then you can customize it like you want it. This is the best feature.
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I hope this points will helps you a lot to understand the specifications of Linux O.S.

Root User

Linux also has a Root User. I guess most of the peoples here knows about this root user. But I will also tell you about this Root User is like King of that platform. Root User has access to almost all files and folders.

root user in kali linux

This image is showing that If a web server has 3 users one is the Root user and others two are simple users. All the 3 users have a website hosted on it. Now how the hacker will hack the root user? 

If any of the 3 websites are vulnerable. Then hacker gains access to one website. By using that owner profile hacker hack root user profile and gain access to remaining all websites. So, the root user is the king of the system.



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