5 illegal Hacker gadgets that are still available on Amazon

Hackingblogs: Amazon has a treasure ton of devices that walk the fine line between innovation and controversy in the world of technology meets mystery. These are 10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gadgets Amazon offers that hackers and cybersecurity learners may check out and buy right now, ranging from tools that improve security to gadgets that push ethical limits.


List of the 10 Exciting Gadgets

Deauther Watch

The gadget Deauther-S, a well-known open-source Wi-Fi de-authentication tool that may be used to disconnect devices from a Wi-Fi network, is most likely the subject of the Amazon reference to the “deauther watch.”

10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gagets Amazon offers

You may find the gadget on Amazon from a number of sellers, many of whom have ratings and reviews from happy customers. Verify the seller’s reputation before making a purchase, and look for any specific information in the product description, such as frequency band support and network compatibility. The Deauther-S can be used for both good and bad, so exercise caution when employing it.

This device disrupts Wi-Fi networks, raising concerns about cybersecurity due to the possibility of unauthorized network disruption.


Flipper Zero is a multipurpose, toy-like portable gadget designed for geeks and pentesters. It enjoys breaking into digital systems, including hardware, access control systems, radio protocols, and more. Since it is completely customisable and open-source, you can expand it however you see fit.

10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gagets Amazon offers

Flipper Zero’s concept is to bring together every piece of hardware necessary for mobile creation and exploration. Flipper was influenced by the PWNagotchi project, but in contrast to other do-it-yourself boards, it is made with everyday usability in mind.

It features a sturdy casing, practical buttons, and a form that eliminates the need for dirty PCBs and sharp pins. Flipper reminds you that development should always be enjoyable by turning your ideas into games.

RFID Card Skimmer

An example of a fraud gadget is an RFID card skimmer, which is made to steal private data from cards that have RFID capabilities, like ID cards, debit cards, and credit cards. It functions by connecting to an ATM or payment terminal, watching over transactions, and obtaining the card’s data.

10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gagets Amazon offers

Skimmers can be hard to spot since they tend to blend in with their surroundings. Always check the card reader before using it to ensure your safety, and cover the keypad when entering your PIN to thwart keylogger assaults.

Products like ‘RFID wallets’ make the promise that they can stop scams and frauds like RFID skimming, which is the practice of thieves stealing credit card information encoded in chips. These claims should be disregarded because there are more effective ways to prevent identity theft, such as dark web scanning.

This covert gadget has the ability to collect information from RFID cards, opening the door for fraud and identity theft. Your data must be protected.


Although it looks like a regular USB stick, it is a powerful device that may send electrical surges that can damage laptops, PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

A free, open-source gadget called USBKill is made to remotely restart or shut down a computer when a USB device is inserted in or unplugged. It is frequently employed as a last resort against physical attacks, including malware that lingers in low-level system memory or keyboard jacking.

10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gagets Amazon offers

After installation, USBKill can be set up to begin executing its security functions when a certain USB device is plugged in, adding an extra degree of defence against illegal access to a compromised machine.

GSM jammer

A gadget known as a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) jammer is one that purposefully interferes with or blocks cellular signals in order to hinder communication on the network. When used without the right licence or in violation of local laws, these devices can have serious legal and financial repercussions.

10 Exciting Yet Controversial Gagets Amazon offers

They are also frequently unlawful. Additionally, they may obstruct vital communications, including those provided by emergency services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that using a jammer to obstruct or interfere with wireless communications is prohibited, as is the sale of such devices.

Although designed to safeguard privacy, it has the potential to obstruct essential communications, such as emergency calls, which presents serious legal and security concerns.

The source of this article comes from this twitter article. It contains some extra tool which i will cover in a later blog. See you hackers in the next blog.

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