Top Free Firefox Plugins that will blow your mind as a hacker 2024

Top Free Firefox Plugins
Top Free Firefox Plugins

Why Firefox?

Top Free Firefox Plugins

Hello hackers, as we know firefox has emerged as the most preffered choice of browser by security reseachers and programmers because of the variety of tools it contains the various extensions available help not only devlopers but hackers like us to make things easier.

So in this blog i shall cover the “Top Free Firefox Pluginsthat will boost up your workflow as a hacker.Also don’t forget to check other blogs on out site . So without further ado let’s go.

Top Free Firefox Plugins List:-


Top Free Firefox Plugins

These special extensions help to find the technologies used by the web application you are using.

It is very crucial while information gathering as you can find cwe’s , and attack vectors to that specific version also you this can help you easily fingerprint the site helping in your Information Gathering as “The more attack vectors you uncover the chances of you finding a loophole increases”

Top Free Firefox Plugins

2. base64-Decoder

Top Free Firefox Plugins
Top Free Firefox Plugins

As we know modern-day web applications use a lot of encryption during the flow of data.

There is a high possibility that decoding this stuff might let you find something juicy although you can do the same using burp suite or even the command line to directly decrypt the site this tool will serve your purpose and is quite handy as a hacker all you need is highlight the base64 and then decode it via that option.

Top Free Firefox Plugins
Top Free Firefox Plugins

So if you are unfamiliar with cookies let me explain it to you cookies are small pieces of data that the site sends and your browser stores to know who you are on the client side. This is why this gives rise to access control flaws like cookie hijacking, cookie stealing, etc.

The Cookie Quick Manager is really a menace as it will help you to view the cookie, edit it delete it make a backup of it, or restore it. All it is doing is making you more private and secure and preventing you from vulnerable hijacking attacks.

4. Port Checker Tool

Doing recon on the site is the first step of information gathering as you get a lot of sensitive content while you do that. Port gives a wider attack vector to attack the site we can check if the ports are up or not using this extension.

It is quite quick to use the type tool although you can do it manually via Nmap but this will be easier if you are not diving so deep. This extension can check or scan the port if the firewall in on the target network.

5. FoxyProxy

This is so far the most useful. Foxyproxy offers an advanced proxy management tool that has boosted Firefox’s overall proxying capabilities. This tool can be easily configured with Burpsuite or even other security testing applications.

It has an easy-to-use interface for creating a proxy you can assign a password if you want to and when it’s time to use just click the on button and you are good to go.

6.Multi-Account Container

This will be the most useful tool. Now what it does is that you can use the same browser interface with different tabs open and all tabs are opened on a single site but all sites are logged with different accounts.

So this helps to keep your parts of online life separated in multiple color-coded tabs. The Multi-Account containers separate the cookie which allows you to use the site with multiple accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAq’s)

  1. What are Firefox plugins?

    Firefox plugins are add-ons that enhance the functionality of the Firefox web browser, allowing users to customize their browsing experience with additional features and capabilities.

  2. What are some of the top Firefox plugins for hackers?

    Some of the top Firefox plugins for hackers include Firebug, NoScript, Tamper Data, Hackbar, Cookie Manager+, User Agent Switcher, and HTTPS Everywhere. These plugins provide tools for web development, security testing, and privacy protection.

  3. How can I install Firefox plugins?

    To install Firefox plugins, you can visit the Firefox Add-ons website, search for the desired plugin, and click on the “Add to Firefox” button. Once installed, the plugin will be accessible from the Firefox toolbar or menu.

  4. Are these Firefox plugins compatible with all operating systems?

    Yes, most Firefox plugins are designed to be compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, it’s important to check the specific requirements of each plugin to ensure compatibility with your system.

  5. Can I customize the appearance of these Firefox plugins?

    Yes, many Firefox plugins allow for customization of their appearance and functionality. Users can often adjust settings, preferences, and display options to tailor the plugin to their specific needs and preferences.

  6. Are these Firefox plugins free to use?

    Yes, the majority of Firefox plugins are available for free, with some offering additional premium features through paid versions or donations to support the developers.

  7. Can I use these Firefox plugins on my mobile device?

    As of now, Firefox plugins are not supported on the mobile version of the Firefox browser. However, some similar features and functionalities may be available through mobile apps or alternative browser extensions for mobile devices.

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