New Darknet Platform By White House Market.

Hello, buddies! In this blog, I’m talking about the Drughub Darknet Platform. I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and if you’re interested in more blogs on darknet platforms, feel free to comment below.

Drughub Darknet Platform.

Drughub is a new darknet platform developed by the White House Market Team On 3rd August 2023.The market looks similar to (WHM) White House Market, (WHM) team shifted their focus to Drughub, where they’ve implemented improved security measures and a modern interface to enhance the user experience.

Drughub is a new darknet Platform.

Drughub is different from regular online stores because it only works on the darknet using the Tor Network. This setup helps keep users safe and anonymous. They warn users to stay away from clearnet links because they could be fake websites trying to steal information.

Platform Some Highlighted features:

  • XMR Only Marketplace
  • No account required to browse
  • Shopping Cart system
  • PGP Login
  • Buyer pays fee
  • Unique .onion access system
  • Enforced E2E Encryption
  • Employee accounts
  • Quick replies
  • Private jabber server
  • Jabber alerts

😜 They Use Mia Khalifa in some of their logos:

Drughub doesn’t just sell dr*gs. It offers a wide range of products including online business tools, software, services, forgeries, and defense equipment, etc…

Drughub is a new darknet Platform.

Key Features of Drughub Darknet Platform.

Drughub offers some standout features like logging in without needing a password (Passwordless login), paying through invoices, and having an automated support system. They also make sure all your chats and transactions are fully encrypted from end to end, and they don’t keep any money in hot wallets on their servers to lower the risk of getting hacked or seized.

To Access Drughub Darknet Platform, you’ll have to pass a Captcha test when you first log in, just to confirm you’re a real person. Also, signing up requires you to have a PGP key, which helps ensure that all your transactions and messages on the platform stay secure.

Drughub has clear rules for how users should behave. They don’t allow things like harassing others, making false reports, or doing anything illegal. If someone breaks these rules, Drughub deals with it depending on the situation. This could mean giving a warning or banning the person from using the platform forever.

Drughub Bug Bounty.

Drughub also Run Bug Bounty Program.

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