What is Google Dorking: Google Dork Cheatsheet

Hello, dear hackers. Greetings for the day so what is Google Dorking?

Have you become tired of seeing useless results from googling things out? If you want to get exactly what you want, then you have come to the right blog channel. In this article, I will demonstrate What is Google Dorking how you can do Google Hacking, also known as Google Dorking, to get the results that you exactly want. I will be discussing you with the google dorks list.

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what is google dorking
What is Google Dorking

Topics we’ll cover :-
————> What is Google Dorking ?
————> Google:Dorking Advance Search Operators
————> Structure of a google dork
————> Google Hacking Database
————-> Summary

What is Google Dorking ?

In easy terms it a magical soup to your OSINT but in technical terms google dork is a special way of searching for information.
The use of Advance search query over simple query provide a ton of information that you may not know about and which may exactly be what you were looking for.

This method is used by any advance hacker that you follow or look into because this will not help you only while osint rather it can help you in finding flaws and information leak directly.

For example, some hackers find files with admin information related to various websites, or malware vulnerabilities; others find results containing people’s passwords, usernames, social security numbers, or financial information. As with other hacking tools, these can be used maliciously, but security researchers also use them to develop patches or preventative measures.

What is Google Dorking
What is Google Dorking

Google:Dorking Advance Search Operators

This operators are the Advance search query that will help you to find relevant and specific information that is not availabe through simple googling.


Intitle Search Operator looks for the web pages containing the specific keywords or phrases mentioned in the query.For example looking for a page containing the term “hackingblogs” The following search query will be used intitle:"hackingblogs


Inurl looks for the web pages containing specific keywords or phrases in the URL. Example looking for a page that contains “helloworld.html” in the url following is the search query that will be used


Site allows to look for data under a given site or domain. Example looking “web3” in “hackingblogs.com” following is the search quiery that will be uses site:hackingblogs.com "web3"


Filetype operator helps in finding for specific file types i.e .txt .pdf .html .php…etc. If you are looking for “passwords” in “pdf” format the query used will be filetype:pdf"Passwords"


Intext operator looks for specific words or phrases inside the body of a page. For example looking for “hackingblogs” inside the body of a page you will use intext:"hackingblogs"


The cache operator let’s you view the cache version of the web page that google makes. In this way you can have a look of the website even if it is temprorarily down or look for older versions. The syntax for finding a cache version of hackingblogs will be cache:https://www.

Structure of a google dork

The Google Dorking involves of advance operators and search queries to uncover the information through dorks.

The general structure of a Google Dork includes of following 3 elements:
Operator:The specific keyword that instructs google what to search for ex. “intext,inurl..

Keyword: This is the input provided by the user depending on the information he needs to look for.

Modifier: This is to refine and get better results from your searches. For example: “filetype”

Google Hacking Database

The Google Hacking Database consists of ton and ton of pre-written google dorks that will help you in google dorking.
It has different categories ex. “Error messages”, “Vulnerable versions” etc also you can search for your own keywords there.


To sum everything up What is Google Dorking hackers, this will be the best weapon inside your suitcase. While you hack, use it for your advancement and learn more about it as I have mentioned those operators, which is more than enough to get started, but as said, the journey of learning should not stop.

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