What is port forwarding and how to port forward for free 2024 guide

In this quick blog, I will tell you how you can use port forwarding in your router. So be with me till the end of this blog and I will be teaching you What is port forwarding.Also checkout more Hackingblogs content.

What is port forwarding
What is port forwarding

What is a port ?

We all know that a port is an endpoint of connection that has different services running on it it is used for data exchange via any service for example port 21 represents the FTP service. So applications are associated with port numbers from 0 to 65535 on which service is listing from incoming packets of data.

Port range

There are three types of ports:

  • ports ranging from 0 to 10023
  • These are the well-known ports
  • Register posts range from 1024 to 49151
  • And then finally we have the dynamic or private portrait that is from 49152 to 65535

Let me take you to a quick well known ports that are available on the network.

21: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
22: SSH (Secure Shell)
23: Telnet remote login service
25: SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)
53: DNS (Domain name system)
80: HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol)
110: POP3 (Post office protocol)
119: NNTP (Network news transfer protocol)
123: NTP (Network time protocol)
143: IMAP (Internet message access protocol)
161: SNMP (Simple network management protocol)
194: IRC (Internet relay chat)
443: HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure)

What is port forwarding

So to explain you and simple terms port forwarding is known as sports management as well this allows any remote server and devices on the Internet to be able to access devices that are on a private network which means you are hosting your web page on your Local Network but using port forwarding you can access it via the internet.

How to do port forwarding

There are a variety of tools that are used while forwarding I will be using NGRock for this issue.

Installing NGrock

What is port forwarding
  • Download from here
  • unzip the downloaded file
  • Double-click on the exec file
  • Execute the below command on open end prompt
What is port forwarding
ngrok http 8080
What is port forwarding
What is port forwarding

You can use the highlighted URL size the public URL for the given ports.And now you can visit this URL by navigating through your browser and you will see that you can access that page.

So it is that simple to Port forward your private network files or folders through the internet.


Now to Summ it up I will explain to you port forwarding once again port forwarding is just a method in which the local ports inside your network can be accessed outside the network this means that suppose you have an Apache server running on both 80 inside your Local Network but via port forwarding you can show this page through the internet for a given period.

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