Search Exploit using Searchsploit in 2024 ✔️

Ready to learn about a new tool that will make your life easier as hacker ? In this article, we’ll learn how you can use Searchsploit, a powerful command-line tool for finding exploits. This guide is tailored for beginners, providing practical steps and commands to help you navigate and utilize this tool effectively.


This tool is a command-line search and query tool designed for finding exploits in the Exploit Database (exploitdb). It comes pre-installed in popular penetration testing distributions like Kali Linux, making it a must-have tool for security professionals.

SearchSploit Basics

Let’s jump into practical aspects. Updating the local exploit database is crucial. Execute the following command to ensure your database is up-to-date:

Search Exploit using Searchsploit in 2024 ✔️
searchsploit -u

This command utilizes the aptitude package management system and ensures you have the latest exploits at your disposal.

Performing Basic Exploit Searches

To search for exploits related to a specific software version, such as OpenSSH, use the following command:

searchsploit open ssh

This simple query provides a list of exploits associated with OpenSSH. Feel free to refine your search further by specifying the software version, e.g., OpenSSH 7.2: this will provide specific results.

searchsploit open ssh 7.2

Platform-Specific Exploit Searches

For platform-specific searches, where the focus is on the title of the exploit, employ the ‘-t’ command. For example, to find Windows 10 exploits, use:

searchsploit -t windows 10

This narrows down the results to exploits with ‘Windows 10’ in their titles, providing more targeted information. All the exploits that are made to exploit the architechture, the operating system etc.

Copying Exploits Locally

Once you’ve identified an exploit you want to use, copy it to a working directory using the following commands:

searchsploit -m <exploit_number>

Replace <exploit_number> with the specific exploit number you want to copy. This action ensures you have the exploit file locally for further analysis and use.


SearchSploit proves to be an invaluable tool for penetration testers, offering efficiency and accessibility. Whether you’re searching for specific exploits, updating your local database, or copying exploits for practical use, mastering this tool enhances your penetration testing capabilities.

In conclusion, this tool will be very helpful for you either you are solving a ctf performing real life bug hunting or exploiting local systems.That is it for this article and i will see you in the next article also checkout different articles that are posted in this website. Stay Hungry Keep Learning Keep Hacking !

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