What is Crunch? Free 2024 Guide, Generating Passwords Using Crunch

In this article, I will teach you What is Crunch? how you can generate passwords using Crunch. After you complete going through this blog you will figure out how to make a wordlist of different kinds including words with numbers, alphabets, etc.Also don’t forget check other interesting hacking articles on Hackingblogs

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    What is Crunch?
    What is Crunch?

    What is Crunch?

    Crunch is a tool that is used to generate and create word lists of various types. This tool is pretty handy and it comes with a lot of functionality

    • from supporting both mechanisms of cracking permutation and combinations
    • Using numbers and symbols provides a status report
    • resume option available
    • Unicode support


    1.Kali or a system where Crunch is installed or the package manager has Cruch available
    2.A bit of how combinations and brute attacks work.
    3.Basic Linux Command Line usage

    Installing Crunch On your System:-

    To Install Crunch on Kali use the below command

    sudo apt-get install crunch
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    What is Crunch?

    To Check is successfully installed type

    What is Crunch?

    Using Crunch

    Crunch Switches

    Crunch Comes With A variety of different switches these switches can be used to get the results you are looking for. The switches range from size limiting to duplicating and excluding certain words etc.

    Here are the switches you would most probably need while using crunch

    -b to set the max size of the wordlist
    -c to set the number of lines to write
    -d to limit the number of duplicate words
    -e to stop generating words at a certain strings
    -z to compress the output field
    -t to set a pattern
    -r to resume

    You can use the manual page or the help [-h] command to check more detailed switches

     man crunch
    What is Crunch?
    crunch -h
    What is Crunch?

    Let’s Generate

    Password Generation Using Crunch

    Crunch supports the generation of a wordlist containing alphanumeric characters. To generate such a combination to use crunch we run the following command :

    crunch min max character set -o output file

    Min – the minimum length of the password
    Max – the max length of passwords
    Character Set – Set of Characters To generate passwords.
    Output file -o to store the results

    Alpha-numeric Password Generation

    Let’s generate a wordlist that has the minimum character of words containing 4 Characters to a max of 7 Characters using the following character [qwe1234]. To Generate a wordlist you will go and type the following command

    crunch 4 7 qwe1234 -o wordlist.txt
    What is Crunch?

    Crunch will return the size and the total possible combinations are created.

    What is Crunch?

    Permutation For Wordlist Generation

    There can be situations in which you know there is a word or phrase that is present for example your friend’s ram has wifi and to crack it you generate a password containing the term ram in it.
    The results will be like following:
    You can use the -p switch to specify it
    For example, to generate passwords containing the term hacking blogs we will use the following command via crunch :

    crunch 4 5 -p 123pass hackingblogs

    Generate a wordlist With Limited Words

    This feature of crunch will help in generating a Wordlist up to a specified number of lines. Suppose we want it to generate a password but only till 20 lines we can use this functionality via the -c switch.

    crunch 4 4 hack123 -c 15 -o wordlist.txt

    so what this command will do is it will use the character from hack123 and create a wordlist of words with a length of 4 to a max length of 4 under 20 lines.

    Compresses wordlist Generation

    When we make a wordlist of a lot of words it takes a lot of space so we need to zip it up or in case of file transfer we need to compress it so that it won’t take a lot of space. This is where we use the -z flag and specify the kind of zip file we want bzip2, gzip, 7z, and luma

    here is the command to generate a wordlist and then compress it to 7z compression

    crunch 4 7 pass1234 -z 7z -o START

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Crunch Password Generator?

      Crunch Password Gеnеrator is a tool used to crеatе custom wordlists and passwords for various sеcurity tеsting and pеnеtration tеsting purposеs.

    2. How does Crunch Password Generator work

      Crunch Password Gеnеrator allows usеrs to spеcify thе minimum and maximum length of thе passwords, thе charactеr sеt to bе usеd, and various othеr options to gеnеratе custom wordlists and passwords.

    3. What characters sets can be used with Crunch Password Generator

      Crunch Password Gеnеrator supports a widе rangе of charactеr sеts, including numеric charactеrs, lowеrcasе and uppеrcasе lеttеrs, and spеcial symbols. Usеrs can also spеcify custom charactеr sеts to bе usеd in thе gеnеratеd passwords.

    4. Can Crunch Password Generator be used for ethical hacking and security testing

      Yеs, Crunch Password Gеnеrator is commonly usеd by sеcurity profеssionals and еthical hackеrs to crеatе custom wordlists and passwords for tеsting thе strеngth of sеcurity mеasurеs and for pеnеtration tеsting purposеs.

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