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In this article, we’ll explore a practical and beginner-friendly approach to fully anonymizing your system using a script called Nipe and the Tor network. This technique ensures that all your internet traffic goes through Tor, enhancing your online privacy.

What is Nipe ?

Why Anonymize Your System?

Anonymizing your system involves concealing your online activities, providing an extra layer of privacy. Common methods include using proxy chains or VPNs, but we’ll focus on leveraging Tor through Nipe.

What is Nipe ?

Nipe is a Perl script that automates the process of routing all your computer’s traffic through the Tor network. It simplifies the setup and ensures a safer online experience.

Getting Started

Clone the Nipe Repository:

What is Nipe ?
   git clone https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/nipe
   cd nipe

Install the JSON Module for Perl using CPAN:

What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
   cpan install JSON

Installing Nip

Install Nipe:

What is Nipe ?
   perl nipe.pl install

Using Nipe

Start Nipe:

What is Nipe ?
   perl nipe.pl start

Stop Nipe:

What is Nipe ?
   perl nipe.pl stop

Restart Nipe:

What is Nipe ?
   perl nipe.pl restart

Check Nipe Status:

What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
   perl nipe.pl status

Understanding the Process

Nipe automates the process of making Tor your default network gateway. It ensures that all your internet traffic goes through Tor, making it challenging to trace back to your system.

Dynamic IP Address

Keep in mind that using Tor means your IP address will change periodically due to the network’s node system. This adds an extra layer of security, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activities.

DNS Leak Protection

What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?
What is Nipe ?

Nipe also takes care of DNS leaks by disabling any potential leaks, ensuring your DNS information remains secure.

Customizing DNS Configuration

You can customize DNS settings in the resolve.conf configuration file to use your preferred DNS servers.

Running Nipe on Startup

For those who want to remain anonymous from the start, Nipe can be configured to run on startup, providing instant privacy each time you boot your system.


Nipe offers a simple yet powerful solution for users who want to anonymize their entire system using Tor. By following these steps, you can enhance your online privacy without the need for complex configurations or a separate server. Give it a try and enjoy a more secure online experience! Also checkout our website for latest blogs updates on cybersecurity and ethical hacking topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Nipe and how does it work to anonymize Kali Linux?
    Nipe is a script that utilizes Tor to create a connection chain which anonymizes your internet traffic. It routes your traffic through a series of Tor nodes, masking your IP address and making you practically untraceable.
  2. Is Nipe difficult to install and use on Kali Linux?
    No, Nipe is relatively easy to install and use on Kali Linux. Simply download the script, make it executable, and run it with the desired options.
  3. Can Nipe be used for illegal activities?
    While Nipe can help anonymize your online activities, it is important to remember that using it for illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Always use Nipe responsibly and within the bounds of the law.
  4. Does Nipe slow down my internet connection?
    Since Nipe routes your traffic through multiple Tor nodes, it may cause a slight decrease in internet speed. However, the level of impact on speed depends on various factors such as the number of Tor nodes being used.
  5. Can Nipe be used to bypass network restrictions?
    Nipe is primarily used for privacy and anonymity purposes, not for bypassing network restrictions. Attempting to use Nipe to bypass network restrictions may violate the network’s terms of service.
  6. Can I customize the Tor circuit used by Nipe?
    Yes, you can customize the Tor circuit used by Nipe by specifying the number of nodes you want to use in the connection chain. This can be done through the script’s options.
  7. Does Nipe work with all versions of Kali Linux?
    Nipe is compatible with most versions of Kali Linux, but it is recommended to check for compatibility with the specific version you are using before installation.
  8. Can Nipe be used on other Linux distributions?
    While Nipe is designed for Kali Linux, it can potentially be used on other Linux distributions as long as Tor is installed and properly configured on the system.
  9. Is Nipe a reliable tool for maintaining anonymity online?
    Nipe can be a reliable tool for maintaining anonymity online, but it is not foolproof. Proper operational security measures should still be followed to ensure maximum privacy and security.
  10. Are there any security risks associated with using Nipe?
    As with any tool that routes internet traffic through third-party servers, there may be potential security risks associated with using Nipe. It is important to stay updated on any known vulnerabilities and follow best practices for online privacy and security.

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